$452 Million Project to Improve Hwy 50 to Start in 2019


$452 million Project to Improve Hwy 50 to Start in 2019

I’m Ed Smith, a car accident and personal injury lawyer in Sacramento. Commuters fighting the traffic getting to the downtown area will be in for a sweeter commute in the future thanks to officials from the state highway and light rail as well as local environmentalists. A plan has been agreed upon to allocate $452 million toward making changes to Highway 50 by adding 50 new HOV lanes and adding light rail service during peak commuter hours. At the current time, carpool lanes start in the hilly area at El Dorado County and stop at Watt Avenue. According to Caltrans, those lanes will be extended into West Sacramento to Pioneer Bridge. The local director said the project will also include adding sound walls along the areas around 65th Street and Stockton Boulevard.

Project Is Slated to Start Next Year

Work on the project might begin as early as next year and is expected to be completed in the next five years. The Sacramento transportation planner defended the expansion of HOV lanes along Highway 50, saying in addition to serving buses and carpools, it will provide a conduit for other modes of travel such as self-driving vehicles. The new expansion should be a positive move in relieving traffic congestion that causes numerous types of accidents on a daily basis in the area.

Service for Light Rail Being Upgraded

The light rail service will be changing in a number of ways that should help commuters. Starting in June, service will be extended to midnight to Folsom, instead of stopping at 7 p.m. This should make it easier for people who work late or attend events in the evening. Instead of the 30-minute service now in effect, 15-minute service will be added for traveling to or from Folsom. By 2020 or 2021, during commuter hours riding the Gold Line, the trip may be at least 10 minutes faster between downtown and Folsom.

Dispute Resolved

Last week, the dispute about the expansion of Highway 50 was resolved between Caltrans and local environmentalists. The city and an environmental group opposed downtown carpool lanes, which they believed was not a good solution to congestion. However, city officials have been cooperating with Caltrans to utilize some of the money from the project to improve downtown city streets. Downtown improvement projects will include making the area more bicycle and pedestrian friendly as well as building a new street, just one block long, between Broadway and X Street. This would allow motorists to access Highway 99 at X Street.

Personal Injuries and Obtaining Compensation

Although the finished project will be more than welcomed by Sacramento residents, ongoing construction means traveling through construction areas, detours, delays, and traffic congestion. The five-year period during the improvement and expansion project along Route 50 will likely cause an increase in accidents that result in serious injuries. When this happens, you need a skilled personal injury lawyer to help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer in Sacramento 

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