Ford Explorer Probe Expanded to Next Level Before Recall


Ford Explorer Probe Expanded to Next Level Before Recall

I’m Ed Smith, a Ford carbon monoxide poisoning lawyer. An investigation into allegations that Ford Explorers are leaking carbon monoxide into passenger compartments has recently been expanded to include over a million Ford vehicles. The latest probe is in response to reports that the leakage has been responsible for injuries.

The Complaints

The initial probe began in 2016 with 638,000 SUVs. This was expanded in late July to 1.31 million vehicles with the manufacture years 2011 through 2017. The recall centers on 2,700 complaints saying that exhaust fumes entered the cabins of the SUVs and might be linked to three deaths and 41 injuries. As of this report, there have been no fatalities officially reported. The vehicles cited in the complaints include both regular issue Explorers and the Police Interceptor model that is used by police departments across the country. Carbon monoxide poisoning might affect a victim long term, causing brain dysfunction. Loss of consciousness can lead to accidents causing traumatic brain injury or blunt trauma.

The Injuries

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the injuries range from losing consciousness to other common ailments such as nausea, headache and a feeling of dizziness. In one accident involving loss of consciousness, a police officer was injured while another crash ended in a rollover. NHTSA has yet to definitely link the injuries to CO2 poisoning but has upgraded its 12-month investigation to an engineering analysis, which is a phase during which the agency explores additional information than that of the preliminary investigation. This includes doing surveys and specific tests. This upgrade can end with a dismissal of the investigation or a recall letter to the manufacturer.

Manufacture Recall

Once the recall letter is issued, it is up to the manufacturer to take the lead. In the event that a manufacturer does not do that, the NHTSA may propose that a safety defect was found, and public meetings outlining the problem are held. Both the manufacturer and the public are made aware of what transpired along with an administrator from the NHTSA. At this point, the administrator may make the decision to recall the vehicles in question. Once a recall is initiated, it will be under the oversight of the NHTSA. All remedies are free to the consumer, and the manufacturer must replace, repair or purchase the vehicle back from the owner.

Ford’s Explanation

Ford believes that the problem is confined to police-issue Explorers. According to the company, installation of equipment used by police often involves drilling into the vehicle and might create portals of entry for CO2 into the cabin. The company has said it will repair any problems free of charge whether or not it was due to aftermarket drilling and has issued bulletin TSB 14-0130 to dealers instructing them on what to do if customers complain about exhaust fumes. However, many of the complaints were from non-police vehicle owners.

Products Liability Claims

When a defect in a manufactured product causes injury to a consumer, the consumer has the right to file a products liability claim. In California, the legal doctrine of strict liability means that the consumer does not have to prove that the defect was due to negligence but simply that the defect caused injury to the victim or plaintiff, and the responsibility for the defect resides with the defendant. Absolute liability makes it easier for consumers to be compensated for the financial losses due to their injuries.

Ford Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawyer

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