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Steering Wheel May Detach on 841,000 Ford Fusion Vehicles

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November 06, 2017
Edward Smith

Steering Wheel May Detach on 841,000 Ford Fusion Vehicles

Defective Steering Wheel 

Reports of steering wheels in Ford Fusions coming loose and in one case detaching have prompted an investigation by U.S. safety regulators. 

Details of the Complaints

The current probe was initiated by three complaints that bolts needed to secure the steering wheel loosened, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In one of the three, the steering wheel completely detached and fell into the driver’s lap as the driver was pulling into a gas station at the end of September. No one has been injured so far.

Number of Vehicles Involved

Ford Fusions involved in the investigation were manufactured from 2014 through 2016, covering 841,000 vehicles. Pending the results of the investigation, a decision on whether to recall affected vehicles will be made.

Other Ford Recalls

From issues with the new F-150 pickup due to unintended movement and possible engine failure to carbon monoxide leakage with Ford Explorer, Ford has had its share of problems in 2017. According to reports at the end of July, an investigation into the escape of CO gas into the cabin of police-issue Explorers has been widened to those driven by the general population. The NHTSA said at the time that 2,700 complaints have been received and that three crashes have been linked to the problem.

The Recall Process

The recall process starts when the NHTSA or the vehicle’s manufacturer decides that the vehicle is not meeting federal requirements for safety, and due to the design of a manufacturing process flaw, occupants may be subject to injury, according to esurance. A letter is sent to vehicle owners that a recall is active and that their vehicle can be taken into the dealer for a free repair. The letter includes pertinent information about the recall and what steps the owner needs to take. In most automotive recalls, the time available to bring a vehicle for repair is up to 10 years after the recall, although this can vary. Tire recalls must be acted upon within 60 days after the notice was received.

Recall Letter

Sometimes an owner fails to receive a recall notice. This doesn’t mean the vehicle will not be eligible for a free repair. It is a good idea to check the recall database maintained by the NHTSA to see if your vehicle is part of a recall.

Risk of Not Having the Recall Problem Repaired

If an owner finds that his or her vehicle has been recalled or receives a letter to that effect, it is best to contact the dealer as soon as possible. Since repairs are free, there is no downside. Letting the repairs wait may subject the owner to unnecessary injury later on.

Injuries From Recalled Vehicles

The nature of the injuries varies according to the recall but can involve death, traumatic brain injury, pelvic fractures, and chest trauma. While an owner is under no obligation to heed a recall notice, it is not prudent to do so. Remember, for a recall to be issued, the NHTSA or the manufacturer believes that the defect compromises the safety expected of the vehicle.

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