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Loose Caboose

I’m Ed Smith, a Products Liability Lawyer in Sacramento. Defective or improperly installed trailer hitches can pose a serious risk for accidents resulting in traumatic or even fatal injuries. In California, the safety and installation of hitching equipment is controlled by the legal code-in accident cases involving trailers, these laws can help injured parties recover damages.

Dangerous Liability

If a trailer comes unhitched from its tow vehicle during transit, the risk of an accident is substantial. Unexpected decoupling can occur for a variety of reasons, including manufacturer defect, faulty installation, and operator error. In the event of an accident, injured parties may be empowered to file suit against any of the aforementioned responsible parties.

Defective Products

In some cases, trailer hitches fail due to issues with their design, manufacture, or improperly labeled technical specifications.

  • Defective Design: If a poorly designed product can be show to have been produced despite the manufacturer’s knowledge of a safer or more effective design, plaintiffs may seek to prove that the manufacture may have acted negligently and contributed to an accident.
  • Manufacturing Defects: Even if a product’s design is sound, errors in the manufacturing can compromise the safety of the finished product. Distributed defective items can leave manufactures open to liability claims if their products fail and cause accidents.
  • Defective Labeling: Improperly labeled items can create dangerous situations. Failure to adequately warn of dangers and incorrect technical specifications can put consumers in harm’s way and may constitute negligence on behalf of the manufacturer.

Risk of Injury or Death in Detached Trailer Accident

When a trailer becomes unhitched during transit, the ensuing carnage can be catastrophic. Injuries sustained in these sorts of accidents can include significant trauma such as:

The medical costs associated with treatment after a detached trailer accident can be astronomical. If you or your loved one has been injured in such a collision, you may wish to seek out a qualified and experienced attorney to preserve vital evidence, negotiate with insurers and other entities, and file the appropriate legal documents on your half. Both commercial and private parties have an incentive to minimize their financial responsibility for your damages-do not let them take advantage of you.

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