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January 18, 2017
Edward Smith

IKEA Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Most people have had the experience of reaching for an object and watching the entire pile crumble on top of them. Unfortunately, sometimes falling objects are heavy enough to cause traumatic injuries. Such is the case with the popular furniture manufacturer IKEA. Many people, particularly college students, rely on easy-assembly and budget-friendly furniture to furnish their bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens; however, people who pay for their furniture also expect a certain degree of safety and reliability. When the furniture doesn’t meet these standards, disaster can strike.

Three Children Tragically Lost due to Faulty Furniture Manufacturing

Recently, three families filed a lawsuit against IKEA due to faulty furniture manufacturing. The families filed a lawsuit regarding the ubiquitous IKEA dressers when their dressers were tipped over. Unfortunately, there were children underneath the dressers who were crushed, and three children lost their lives. After the third child was killed over the summer, IKEA decided to recall close to 30 million dressers. IKEA also announced it would stop selling the entire line of products to ensure that the products met proper safety standards. It turns out that IKEA was aware of the tipping problem before the recall because they were pushing customers to contact the company to receive a free repair kit. This kit was supposed to anchor the dressers to prevent them from tipping over. For comparison, IKEA recalled nearly 30 million dressers but only issued around 300,000 safety kits.

A Multifaceted Lawsuit

The lawsuit is going to be costly to the furniture company’s bottom line, coming in at $50 million; however, the financial settlement is not going to be able to replace the lives of the children who were tragically lost. In addition to the settlement, IKEA will donate large sums to various children’s hospitals nationwide and a charity focusing on preventing children’s deaths due to furniture tipping. This funding should help to make a difference in millions of lives all over the country. The lawsuit sends a powerful message to the entire furniture industry that deaths due to faulty furniture tipping over is not acceptable. It is the hope that this lawsuit sets a solid example to prevent further injuries.

Awareness is the Key

Families must understand that furniture tip-over injuries are more common than most people know. In fact, unsecured furniture leads to the death of dozens of children per year. Severe injuries are even more common, leading to tens of thousands of hospital visits annually. Furniture companies must build their products to meet the proper safety standards set by the regulatory commissions in the United States. Furthermore, parents need to understand the danger that unsecured furniture can present in the home, especially when young children are present. Children should never be injured, let alone killed, by furniture that tips over.

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