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Eureka Pedestrian Struck By Vehicle

On Friday, November 18, 2019, a Eureka pedestrian suffered serious injuries after being involved in an auto accident. Eureka Police Department (EPD) reported that the accident happened just after sunset in Eureka outside of a gas station. Medical officials have not released any updates regarding the injured pedestrian’s condition. Additionally, the accident remains under investigation.

Davis Auto Accident Data

It’s no secret that Davis is a hub of activity. As the site of one of the state’s largest universities and research centers, Davis is commonly crowded with all kinds of people engaged in a variety of exciting things. Additionally, the community of Davis is active and close-knit, with plenty of events around town taking place on a regular basis. All of this means that the streets are often full of pedestrians, cyclists, and passenger vehicles. Because of this, the city is the site of numerous accidents every year, many of which leave people with serious injuries. If you want to learn more about the car accidents that happen in your area, you may be interested in the following Davis auto accident data.

Driver Arrested After Napa Hit-and-Run Collision

On Sunday, November 24, 2019, police arrested a man suspected of being involved in a Napa hit-and-run collision. The accident happened shortly before the arrest on a local highway south of the city of Napa. California Highway Patrol (CHP) reports indicated that a 23-year-old Napa man suffered significant trauma as a result of the collision. Updates on his condition have not yet been provided, but medical officials indicated that the injuries were not life-threatening.

Hemisphere Removal Can Help People Who Suffer From Seizures

Recently, a research article was published exploring how the removal of one hemisphere of the brain can help people who suffer from seizures. Seizures are one of the most common complications following a traumatic brain injury. A seizure results when the brain’s neurons fire in an uncoordinated manner. Seizures can manifest differently. Some people stare off into space while others have uncontrolled movements. Typically, individuals are not aware that a seizure is taking place. They often suffer from memory loss afterward.

Napa’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Napa is a major city and hub of activity for the northern Bay Area. It’s also the heart of the local wine industry and is visited by people from around the world throughout the year. All of this adds up to a lot of both commuter and local traffic on local roads, which unfortunately also means a fair number of vehicle accidents. While it’s impossible to say exactly when and where a crash will take place, there are certain trends that collisions tend to follow. One of the best ways we can predict where accidents might happen is by looking at how many crashes have previously happened at particular locations. If you want to know about crashes in your area, check out these UC Berkeley statistics on Napa’s most dangerous intersections.

Corning Cyclist Severely Injured During Auto Accident

Recently, a Corning cyclist was severely injured after his bicycle was struck by a passenger vehicle. According to Red Bluff Area California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident happened on the southern edge of Corning not far from Highway Interstate 5. The collision involved the cyclist and a single vehicle with two occupants, neither of whom suffered an injury during the incident.

Fairfield Police Run DUI Prevention Checkpoint

As part of an effort to curb intoxicated and distracted driving, Fairfield Police Department (FPD) ran a DUI prevention checkpoint at a high-risk location within the city from 8:00 p.m. on Friday, November 22, 2019, until 2:00 a.m. the next morning. FPD says that they are working hand-in-hand with other local enforcement agencies as part of a county-wide project to reduce the number of serious accidents that take place on local roads.

What is the Weber Classification?

The Weber classification is a system used to categorize ankle injuries. The ankle is a delicate joint that has a lot of demands placed on it. People use their ankle to balance, extend, and roll their feet. While the ankle does provide a significant amount of flexibility, this also comes at the price of stability. Most people know what it feels like to roll an ankle. This ligament sprain alone can take a long time to heal. At the same time, it is also possible for someone to suffer a fracture in their ankle. This is the purpose of the Weber classification.

Chronic Pain Opioid Requirements are Reduced with Meditation

Recently, an article was published showing that meditation can be used to help someone manage his or her chronic pain. This may allow someone to lower his or her required doses of opioid medication with the guidance of a trained medical professional. This represents a significant breakthrough because opioid medications and chronic pain represent some of the biggest problems facing the public health community today. There are millions of people who suffer from chronic pain, which causes people to miss work and school on an unprecedented level.

What is Open Reduction and Internal Fixation?

When someone has suffered a femur fracture, they might be told they need open reduction and internal fixation to stabilize their fracture. Often shortened to ORIF, this is the name of the surgical procedure that is required to heal a broken bone, such as a thighbone, that has been displaced from its typical anatomic location. The femur is one of the largest bones in the body. As a result, tremendous trauma is often required to cause a fracture. Think about an auto accident, a motorcycle collision, a pathologic fracture, or a fall from a great height. When the leg is exposed to these types of forces, severe breaks can result. In some cases, surgery might be needed to put the bone fragments back together. This is where open reduction and internal fixation are required.