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Driver Arrested After Lake County Hit-and-Run

Police say that a teen driver suffered serious injuries during a hit-and-run accident in Lake County on Sunday, May 12, 2019. Officers of California Highway Patrol (CHP) say that they suspect the collision was caused by a driver who was intoxicated and left the scene of the crash. This driver was located during accident response and arrested on charges related to hit-and-run and DUI. The injured teenager, a 17-year-old resident of Middletown, received major trauma during the incident. Updates on the teen’s condition have not yet been provided by hospital officials.

Three Dead Following Davis Collision

Three people reportedly lost their lives after a single-vehicle accident in Davis on Friday, May 10, 2019. In addition to the three fatally injured people, one more individual suffered severe injuries during the accident. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident happened late at night on the southeastern edge of Davis. The fatally injured driver and passenger have not yet been identified by authorities who are in the process of notifying the decedents’ families. I’d like to extend my sympathy to those who’ve lost a friend or family member because of this tragic car accident.

Teen Hospitalized in Brentwood DUI Collision

A 14-year-old boy was hospitalized with minor injuries after being involved in a pedestrian vs. car accident in Brentwood on Tuesday, May 14. His current condition has not been disclosed. The driver, who appeared to be free of injuries, was required to stay at the scene for a DUI investigation.

Placer County Semi Truck Carrying Pigs Catches Fire

Reports from Placerville area California Highway Patrol (CHP) stated that a semi-truck accident led to the deaths of several livestock animals on a local area highway during the evening of Sunday, May 12, 2019. The accident only involved one vehicle and, according to information from officials, no humans suffered any injuries because of the incident. CHP reports that they are still actively investigating possible causes of the accident.

Loss of Mobility and Impacts on Quality of Life in Seniors

Mobility and its importance for someone’s quality of life are frequently overlooked. Too often, individuals do not realize the importance of movement until it is gone. In the elderly population, a loss of mobility can lead to serious impacts on their quality of life. Mobility is so important because it can:

Man Critically Injured in Stockton Bicycle Accident

A man was critically injured in a recent Stockton bicycle accident near Sonora Street and Sierra Nevada Street. The incident occurred shortly before 8:00 p.m. when a driver of a Chevrolet Impala crashed into a man riding his bicycle in the area. The Chevrolet motorist continued north without checking on the cyclist, the Stockton Police Department reported. The bicycle rider was transported to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries. An update regarding his condition has not yet been released by officials.

The Difference Between a Sprain and a Strain

Traumatic accidents can lead to serious injuries, and two of the most common are sprains and strains. Like other injuries, these can range widely in their scope and severity. Sprains and strains can occur throughout the entire body. Sometimes, these injuries take a prolonged time to heal. It is essential for everyone to understand why joint sprains and strains happen. Some of the traumatic accidents that can cause these injuries include:

One More Dies After Vacaville Crash

According to officials, one more person passed away after a fatal car accident that took place in Vacaville during the night of Sunday, May 5, 2019. The accident involved two vehicles and happened on a highway location just north of Vacaville city limits. One of the involved individuals tragically lost their life at the scene of the accident while two more people were taken to a local hospital to be treated for major injuries. Sadly, one of these individuals, a 61-year-old Vacaville woman, could not recover and was declared deceased on Monday, May 6, 2019. Officials of Solano County have not yet identified either decedent. I’d like to send my sincere sympathy to those who have suffered the loss of a person they love because of this accident.

Waterford Man Killed in Car Accident

A Waterford man was killed in a recent car accident along the Oakdale-Waterford Highway just north of Ellenwood Road. A woman was driving her 2004 Ford Explorer north along the highway shortly before 10:00 p.m. The Ford driver entered the oncoming traffic lane and drove into the path of a 2015 Nissan Versa, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). This resulted in a head-on collision. Paramedics responding to the scene transported the Ford driver and a passenger of the Nissan to the hospital, both for treatment of serious injuries. Sadly, the Nissan driver was pronounced deceased at the scene. Officials have identified the decedent as 20-year-old Edgar Gonzalez, a resident of Waterford and student of UC Merced. Our thoughts and prayers are with those mourning the loss of their loved one during this difficult time.