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$100K Grant to Make Vacaville Roads Safer

The Vacaville Police Department (VPD) was recently awarded a $100,000 grant from the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS). The OTS operates under the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The VPD announced that the traffic safety grant monies will be used to roll out a program of services that are designed to deter illegal and dangerous driving behaviors that increase the risk of car accidents in the region.

Two Rescued From Wreck Following Vacaville Crash

On Sunday, March 28, 2021, two people were reportedly rescued from a wrecked vehicle after a Vacaville crash. Information from the Solano area California Highway Patrol (CHP) indicates that the accident happened in the early morning and involved one car. Whether or not anyone was injured during the accident has not been reported, and the cause of the incident is still under investigation.

Driver Rescued Following Dramatic Vacaville Canal Crash

On Monday, March 22, 2021, one person was rescued from their vehicle after a Vacaville canal crash. According to details from California Highway Patrol (CHP), the driver did suffer injuries during the collision, but whether or not they were hospitalized was not reported. No other individuals were reported to have been inside of the vehicle at the time of the accident, and CHP currently has the incident under investigation.

Teenager Sent to Hospital After Vacaville Auto Accident

On Monday, February 8, 2021, a local teenager was seriously hurt during a Vacaville auto accident. The Vacaville Police Department (VPD) reports that the crash happened late at night in a suburban area of the city and involved a single vehicle. The teenager was reportedly taken to the hospital following the crash and medical officials have indicated that his injuries were not expected to be life-threatening. Investigations into the incident are ongoing.

Fed Ex Truck Involved in Serious Vacaville Auto Accident

On Tuesday, December 1, 2020, two people sustained serious injuries as the result of a Vacaville auto accident. California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported the incident and stated that it occurred on Highway Interstate 80 on the western edge of the city. According to medical officials, neither of the injured individuals suffered life-threatening trauma. Additionally, this accident is currently being investigated by CHP officers.

Texting & Trains: Two Separate Traffic Dangers

During the first week of October, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation issued two press releases announcing new public safety campaigns which will address traffic dangers associated with train crossings and distracted driving.  

Construction on Highway Interstate 80 in Vacaville

Construction was planned for Highway Interstate 80 in Vacaville throughout the week of Monday, August 10, 2020. The construction, planned by CalTrans, is meant to improve asphalt conditions in key locations throughout the city. CalTrans indicated that crews would be sealing broken asphalt as well as performing various road repairs, mainly on the westbound off and on-ramps in Vacaville. The construction is expected to improve the safety of I-80 and reduce the number of accidents as well as lower the amount of wear on vehicles using the highway.

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