Teenager Hospitalized After Vacaville Auto Accident

Teenager Sent to Hospital After Vacaville Auto Accident

On Monday, February 8, 2021, a local teenager was seriously hurt during a Vacaville auto accident. The Vacaville Police Department (VPD) reports that the crash happened late at night in a suburban area of the city and involved a single vehicle. The teenager was reportedly taken to the hospital following the crash and medical officials have indicated that his injuries were not expected to be life-threatening. Investigations into the incident are ongoing.

Crash Information

The accident occurred at around 12:31 p.m. on Marshall Road close to the intersection of White Oak Lane on the southeastern side of the city. Details about the events that preceded the crash haven’t been reported. However, police did indicate that the teenager was an occupant in a vehicle that drove off-road for unknown reasons and crashed into the side of a house. Reports stated that the vehicle sustained “minor-to-major damage” as a result of the collision.

The crash was immediately called in to VPD who rushed a response team out to the scene. At the crash site, officers found that a 15-year-old had suffered injuries and called for an ambulance to transport him to a local hospital. No other injuries in relation to this accident have been reported.

Investigation of Vacaville Auto Accident

While officials are trying to understand the potential causes of this accident, investigators from VPD haven’t reported any likely factors at this time. Even solo-vehicle accidents can involve multiple causes and often happen because of things that drivers cannot control. For example, the driver may have been unable to control their vehicle because of a faulty steering system or might have made a dangerous collision avoidance maneuver due to a hazard in the road. In these cases, groups like auto manufactures and government bodies may be considered at-fault parties to the accident.

Recovering from a Major Injury

Recovering your health after suffering a major car accident injury can be challenging and many collision survivors spend months or years in recovery. Often, survivors have to undergo surgeries and need extensive physical therapy sessions. In others, they may be left with permanent health issues like chronic pain or limited mobility.

The necessary treatment of these health issues can be highly expensive, often causing survivors and their families to worry over how they’ll be able to afford quality medical care.

Getting Help

Thankfully, it’s possible to reach out for assistance from a Vacaville personal injury lawyer. A skilled attorney will be able to help you understand what you can claim through a personal injury case and advise you on your best next steps for obtaining compensation to cover your damages.

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