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August 05, 2022
Edward Smith

Hawkins Road Intersection in Elmira Site of Semi Accident With Train

An Amtrak train accident involving a semi occurred on August 3 in Elmira, which is near Vacaville. The big rig, which is thought to have been hauling a large load of gravel, was on the tracks when it was struck by Amtrak train 541 around 12:20 p.m. at the Hawkins Road intersection with Lewis Road. The train was following its route from Sacramento to San Jose when it struck the semi. At the time, there were 115 people on board the train, including crew and passengers. The train was delayed by almost two hours due to the collision. No injuries were reported. 

Right-of-Ways Common Location of a Train Accident 

The Federal Railroad Administration reports that being on the tracks, which is part of the right-of-way of a railroad, causes the most deaths involving trains in the country. The second cause of accidents involving trains occurs at railroad crossings and tracks. If you or your loved one is injured as a result of railroad negligence, an accident attorney can help by investigating the case and assisting you in getting the compensation you deserve. 

Tips for Staying Safe to Avoid a Train Accident

A train accident involving a pedestrian or motorist can usually be avoided if people practice safety. Unfortunately, some people have the wrong impression about the speed and power of trains, which can end up causing traumatic injuries or fatalities. Some of the following tips might help:

  • Never try to beat a train across the tracks whether on foot or using a vehicle. Trains can be traveling up to 220 mph, depending on their class. There will not be enough time to cross safely with a train coming.
  • Don’t think that a train engineer that sees you or your vehicle up ahead can stop before hitting you. A train traveling at 80 mph needs at least a mile to stop.
  • Never play or walk on or near the tracks. It’s not only dangerous, it’s illegal.
  • Slow down and be ready to stop at crossings.
  • Listen for the alarms and watch for the lights and bars to come down. If any of those have even begun, it’s too late to cross.
  • Don’t assume only one train is passing. Never cross after a single train until you’ve checked for a second one headed toward you.

Are Railroads Ever Liable for a Train Accident?

Running a railroad is complex, and there are many things that can go wrong that would make them liable for accident injuries or fatalities. The following are some examples of negligence that can occur:

  • Negligence by the engineer due to speeding or not sounding the whistle when approaching a crossing
  • Train mechanical failure
  • Defective or poorly maintained crossings
  • Hazards or defects in the tracks
  • Improper scheduling
  • Poor structural integrity of the tracks
  • Broken switch points can send a train onto the wrong track

Vacaville Personal Injury Lawyer

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