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Two Pedestrians Seriously Injured in Hit and Run Accident

Two pedestrians were seriously injured in a Wednesday night accident on North John Still Drive in the Meadowview area of the city. The April 17 accident happened at about 8:30 p.m. The Sacramento Police said that two 16-year-old females were hit near John Still Drive and Hemford Circle. According to witness accounts, the vehicle left the scene, continuing east on John Still Drive. The two girls were taken to a local hospital by fire personnel. A report on their conditions said that one of the two pedestrians suffered critical injuries. The other was listed in stable condition on Thursday.

What injuries do pedestrians typically suffer motor vehicle accidents?

A Study of pedestrian injuries and  trauma in Los Angeles from 1993-2003 involved 5838 pedestrian injuries of which 962 or 16.6 percent were considered severe.

As a Sacramento Trucking Accident lawyer since 1982, I’ve had occasion to represent pedestrians injured in trucking accidents on many occasions. Fatalities resulting from collisions between truckers and pedestrians represented 4 percent of all accident related fatalities in 2012 .

5000 trucks are involved in fatal accidents every year. The tractor with semi-trailer is the most common vehicle involved,  Pedestrians are killed at the rate of 350 plus a year and bicyclists at the rate of around 70 per year. Men account for around 70 percent of the people injured by trucks annually.