Two Pedestrians Seriously Injured in Sacramento Hit and Run Accident

Two Pedestrians Seriously Injured in Hit and Run Accident

Two pedestrians were seriously injured in a Wednesday night accident on North John Still Drive in the Meadowview area of the city. The April 17 accident happened at about 8:30 p.m. The Sacramento Police said that two 16-year-old females were hit near John Still Drive and Hemford Circle. According to witness accounts, the vehicle left the scene, continuing east on John Still Drive. The two girls were taken to a local hospital by fire personnel. A report on their conditions said that one of the two pedestrians suffered critical injuries. The other was listed in stable condition on Thursday.

More Details

The vehicle that hit the teenage girls was described as a Nissan-like car by a representative of the police department. There has been no further information about the vehicle or driver. The investigation is currently ongoing. The Sacramento Police Department is asking the public to call 916-808-5471 if they have additional information.

Pedestrian Accidents

In 2016, approximately 5,987 pedestrians were involved in fatal accidents nationwide. A pedestrian is 1.5 times more likely to die in an accident than a non-pedestrian. This results in one pedestrian death every hour. Pedestrians also suffer a myriad of injuries. In 2015, about 129,000 were seen in emergency rooms for non-fatal injuries.

Greatest Risk for Pedestrians

Some pedestrians have a greater risk of being involved in an accident. They are:

  • Children: Of all children who died in traffic accidents in 2016, 20 percent were pedestrians. This partly occurs because children might not be alert for dangerous situations. It might also happen when drivers are unaware of children in their path.
  • Older individuals: Seniors are more likely to be killed in a pedestrian accident. In 2016, 20 percent of all pedestrian deaths involved seniors.
  • Urban, non-intersection locations: Most pedestrian fatal crashes occur in cities. They also happen when a pedestrian is not in an intersection.
  • Alcohol use: Being impaired is a problem for both pedestrians and drivers alike. Approximately 50 percent of all pedestrian crashes occur because either the pedestrian or the motor vehicle operator is impaired. Thirty-three percent of deadly pedestrian crashes involve a walker with an alcohol level above the legal limit. Alternately, 13 percent of drivers involved in a pedestrian accident had a BAC level higher than the legal limit.

Driver Responsibility

Drivers are obligated to provide reasonable care to keep pedestrians safe. If they break that duty of care, they are negligent. Some frequently seen examples of driver error are:

  • Speeding: Speeding results in a greater number of fatal pedestrian accidents. A car traveling at 40 m.p.h. has a 90-percent chance of killing the pedestrian.
  • Not yielding to a pedestrian at a crosswalk: Some drivers mistakenly think that pedestrians need to wait for them. While a walker needs to be aware of approaching traffic, once in the crosswalk, drivers have the responsibility to stop.
  • Distracted driving: Driving distracted increases the chance of not seeing the pedestrian or visualizing them too late to avoid an accident.
  • Not obeying traffic signals or signs: Many pedestrians are killed when a driver fails to stop for a red light or stop sign. Pedestrians should never assume an approaching vehicle will stop.
  • Failing to use a signal when turning: A pedestrian cannot be proactive about traffic if a driver does not signal. It might be better to look for a vehicle’s tires turning.

What a Lawyer Can Do

An attorney will help in assigning fault. He or she can review the accident, inspect the crash site and determine negligence. Armed with that knowledge, the lawyer can make an assessment of fault. The lawyer will calculate damages, and try to negotiate with the insurer. In the event the insurer fails to live up to their obligations, the attorney can bring the case to civil court.

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