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Reasons Why Roseville Car Accident Injuries and Fatalities Happen

Reasons Why Roseville Car Accident Injuries and Fatalities Happen

I’m Ed Smith, a Roseville auto accident attorney. Motor vehicle accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities are on the increase in California. While part of the problem is due to better economic conditions and an increased population, negligence plays a significant role in the number of collisions. When an accident happens, an injury lawyer can help recover the costs of medical bills, lost time from work and other expenses associated with the crash.


Rear End Accident Characteristics

I’m Ed Smith, a Roseville auto accident attorney. Did you know that of all accident types in Roseville, 58 percent were rear end collisions in 2014? This is compounded by the fact that 59 percent of the accidents involved excess speed. Let’s take a look at rear end accidents from several perspectives.

Roseville PD Celebrating Holiday Season

Roseville Police Department Gives Back During the Holidays

Officers from the Roseville Police Department are celebrating the holidays in a uniquely different way this year. Officers are issuing gift certificates rather than traffic citations for drivers in the city of Roseville.

Roseville DUI Crash

Driver Crashes into Car Dealership 

During the early morning hours of November 30, 2016, a drunk driving accident occurred.  A driver crashed into a fire hydrant and then into a used car dealership in Roseville. Authorities later arrested the driver for suspicion of driving under the influence.

AAA Teen Driver Study

AAA’s Study on Teen Drivers

A recent study administered by AAA disclosed astonishing statistics involving teen drivers. For this reason, AAA is bringing awareness not only to teens that are not focused on the road while driving but also to the parents of those teen drivers.

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