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August 29, 2016
Edward Smith

Move Over Uber

I’m Ed Smith, a Roseville auto accident attorney.  A Roseville man who formerly owned Roseville’s Yellow Cab has developed a mobile app to compete with Uber and Lyft in the greater Sacramento region.

Introducing Zride

App developer Francisco Rizet introduced “Zride” on July 1st on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. His goal is to take on rideshare giants such as Lyft and Uber. Uber is still relatively young at seven years old. However, recent valuation puts the company worth $66 billion.

Some Like Cheap Rides – Some Prefer Safe and Cheap Rides

Zride developer explains that the rideshare companies have impacted business in the Roseville community, largely due to it being cheap and unregulated. He says some consumers like cheap, but they don’t realize what consequences may be involved. Zride was founded for one purpose: a safe and cheaper ride for the greater Sacramento community.

Effectively Edging Out Traditional Taxi Companies

Along with the young industry’s triumphs have come complaints of racial discrimination against minority riders, concerns for rider safety and accusations of making money largely in part due to lack of regulation, allowing ride share industry to effectively edge out the traditional taxi cab companies. Zride developer hopes his App will not only correct these issues, but also enable local drivers to continue contributing to the economy of the area.

Zride Drivers Must Submit to Fingerprint Background Checks

Those with a desire to drive for Zride can expect to be vetted in the same manner as a traditional taxi company, which requires drivers to register for a commercial drivers license and submit to fingerprint background check with law enforcement. Currently, in most cities, Uber does not ask drivers to undergo fingerprint background checks with law enforcement or possess more than the standard drivers license.

Law Enforcement Will Decide Who Will Drive for Zride

Rizet explains that law enforcement will determine and authorize drivers for Zride.

He also added that Zride’s drivers will not discriminate passengers.

Helping Small Businesses Compete

While also unveiling a better ride for consumers, he is happy to have created an app he hopes will encourage small business owners to compete as a team.

Zride currently has about 100 drivers registered.

Information & Pricing

Prospective riders of Zride can call any size car at any given time of the day, for $1.00 each mile. While other rideshare apps force passengers to agree to variable pricing structure throughout the day because the demand for a ride falls and rises, Zride prides itself for their rate staying constant.

Revolutionizing and Expanding Service for Consumers

In the future, Rizet hopes that Zride will have helped to revolutionize travel in the greater Sacramento region. He’s also expecting to expand the app’s service to other locations.

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