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October 26, 2016
Edward Smith

Roseville New Traffic Light

Roseville New Traffic Light

Roseville New Traffic Light

I’m Ed Smith, a Roseville car accident lawyer. The city of Roseville is incorporating a new type of traffic light at a local intersection. It is called the flashing yellow turn signal. The city is hopeful that the light will improve the flow of traffic through our great city.

Flashing Yellow Left Turn Signal

Have you ever found yourself impatiently waiting in the turning lane for a light to turn green for you? A flashing yellow left-turn arrow is the solution that the city of Roseville is incorporating into the intersection of Freedom Way and Industrial Avenue. The following intersection is new to Roseville and is not an intersection that is susceptible to congested traffic which proposes a safer way of testing out the new signal light. This type of traffic light signal may be arriving in other communities in the Sacramento region in the near future.

Helps Maintain Flow of Traffic

The idea behind the concept of a yellow flashing left-turn arrow is to maintain the flow of traffic by allowing drivers to yield to oncoming traffic before making a left turn. The yellow flashing light indicates that turns are permitted but must be carried out with extreme caution and remembering to yield the right of way to oncoming vehicles, motorcyclists and pedestrians.

How Flashing Yellow Light is Working in California

The flashing yellow light traffic signal was brought to the city of Santa Rosa in 2013. The first intersection that was introduced to the new signal light was Dutton Avenue and West Ninth Street in Santa Rosa. Due to the installment of the new traffic light configuration, this allowed the intersection to maintain the flow of traffic. The National Cooperative Highway Research Program conducted a study where they later concluded that motorists are found to make fewer errors with flashing yellow-turn arrows when compared to the traditional green yield traffic lights. Other cities have also incorporated this type of light include Pleasanton, Fullerton and Lake Forest. Due to the success in these cities, this type of light is being implemented into a local intersection in Roseville. We hope the light is a success and that it will reduce the traffic congestion and vehicular accidents.

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