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BART Expands Carpool Program App 

BART is continuing to expand its pay-by-app carpool system, making it more convenient than ever for riders that are paying for carpool parking. The carpool program is now being offered in all the West Bay BART stations that permit parking, including Colma, Daly City, Milbrae, San Bruno, and South San Francisco. The program debut in June of this year, and is offered in select BART stations such as Antioch, Warm Springs, Orinda, and Dublin/Pleasanton. It is geared towards riders that carpool to BART stations, letting them pay for parking ahead of time by using the BART app. Parking spaces allotted to the APP users are in the permit parking lot section, where spots don’t fill as fast compared to the daily fee section.

Safety Guidelines for Driving in the Fall

The seasonal transition from summer to fall impacts multiple aspects of our day-to-day lives. Being aware of the seasonal changes and their effects on your life is very important, especially on the roadways. With the beauty of fall also comes unpredictable weather, puddles, and wet leaves, school buses on the roads, and small kids walking to school. Overall, your daily commute will be noticeably different. Staying alert and focused on your surroundings as a driver will be crucial during autumn.  Below is a list of safety guidelines to follow when you get behind the wheel this season.

Rollback on Truckers Drive-Time Restrictions

Trucking industry interest groups are just on the brink of getting their way. Bill Sullivan, an American Trucking Association lobbyist, has publicly stated that this group has a robust relationship with the Trump Administration, and is hopeful that this will facilitate a more relaxed set of rules moving forward. The longstanding fight between the trucking industry and the government has consisted of constant back-and-forth banter regarding the “hours of service” restrictions, which permits a 14-hour “driving window” limit to long-haul drivers. Additionally, long-haul drivers are currently constricted to 11-hour driving limits, 60-hour per 7 days and 70-hour per 8 days duty limitations.

Parking Lot Accidents

The common image that runs through your head when thinking about a car accident is usually a collision on a busy highway, or maybe a two-lane road. Accidents also can happen in smaller spaces, such as a parking lot. Parking lots are often crowded and hold many potential dangers. There are running children, babies in strollers, numerous vehicles stacked in small slots, cars traveling in different directions, and physical obstacles. Being informed about the risks of parking lots and how you can avoid these collisions will help you in your day-to-day travels.

Older Adults and Distracted Driving 

A recent study has suggested that seniors are challenged by the technology that is being more commonly installed into the dashboards of numerous vehicles. The distraction with dashboard technology is indicated to increase the risk of car accidents. The dashboard technology, known as infotainment systems, was installed to make it easier for drivers to find their favorite song or to navigate their way to an unfamiliar address. However, this recent study suggests that infotainment systems may be a double-edged sword: the screens were found to be very distracting, especially for elderly adults.

Safety Tips for Group Motorcycling

Group motorcycling is an experience that is different than motorcycling on your own. When you’re riding by yourself, you can devote your full attention to what’s coming up ahead and prepare accordingly. However, in a group setting, motorcyclists must follow different rules and of the road. Group motorcycle rides require much more organization than a solo trip. Following a few simple safety guidelines for group motorcycle riding will ensure that the journey is fun and safe for everyone included. The following are safety tips for group motorcycle rides:

Fatal Highway 4 Pedestrian Collision

A tragic pedestrian-vs-vehicle accident occurred on Highway 4 near Pittsburg on Wednesday, April 10, 2019. The male pedestrian, who has not yet been publicly identified, passed away at the scene of the accident. His identity is pending release due to the preliminary notification of relatives. I want to take a moment to extend the depth of my condolences to the victim’s family and friends that are grieving through this tragic loss.

Americans Are Afraid of Riding in Autonomous Vehicles

It was roughly one year ago when a study organized by the American Automobile Association (AAA) published a nationwide survey regarding driver’s feelings about autonomous vehicles, which have been progressing in development over the last few years. This study revealed that 63 percent of Americans were afraid of riding a self-driving car. When the study was repeated this year, the number jumped up to 71 percent. This growing fear of relying on a self-driving vehicle may be due to the highly publicized autonomous car accidents that have taken place in the last year. Regardless of what is contributing to this pervasive fear and skepticism, the results indicate that the public adoption of self-driving vehicles will likely be stalled until technological advancement is strong enough to dispel the worries of consumers.

Avoiding Traffic During Your Commute

California is a highly populated state, with a current estimated population of 39.5 million. Whether you’re located in the northern or southern region of the state, most of us Californians have experienced traffic jams while we’re out and about. They can be incredibly frustrating and stressful to deal with, and they commonly lead to road rage. Nobody enjoys spending their time stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Below are some suggestions to save you time and avoid traffic jams on your commute.

Highway 4 Expansion Project Begins

A four-mile stretch of Highway 4 is officially being worked on for the purposes of expansion. Transportation officials are sure that this project, once completed, will ease traffic and increase public safety at the intersection of Highway 4 and Interstate 680. This project will be broken down into phases, and we are currently at the beginning of phase 1. The anticipated outcome consists of lengthening the carpool lane on Highway 4 by an additional two miles, widening highway structures, installing ramp connectors, and adding safety lighting. A third lane will also be added between Morello Avenue and Highway 242, on both westbound and eastbound sides of traffic.