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8 Steps to Take After a Bicycle Crash

A bicycle crash is always unexpected and can cause serious injuries. While there are plenty of websites that offer advice on what to do after a motor vehicle accident, information on bicycle crashes is sadly lacking. However, to get the compensation you need following an accident, it’s important to know what to do. When you are injured by a negligent motorist, an experienced bicycle accident lawyer can provide the insight you need to recover financial damages. 

Safety Tips for Bicyclists in Elk Grove

Safety Tips for Bicyclists in Elk Grove

I’m Ed Smith, an Elk Grove bicycle accident lawyer. California is one of the leading states for bicycle accident injuries. Learning some safety tips can help a bicycle rider be safer when heading into work, getting some exercise or just riding for pleasure.


Bicycle Accident Fatally Injures Man

I’m Ed Smith, an Elk Grove bicycle accident attorney. During the early morning hours of Tuesday, January 3, 2017, a man was traveling on his bicycle along Laguna Boulevard. The man was struck by two vehicles which caused him to unfortunately suffer from fatal injuries.

Elk Grove Hoverboard Assault

Elk Grove Hoverboard Assault

I’m Ed Smith, an Elk Grove Personal Injury Lawyer. Hoverboards (electronic scooters) may be the hot new item on every kid’s Christmas wish list this year. Lately, we’ve been bombarded with news reports of hoverboards being a fire hazard. Appears they may be a favorite item for thieves to steal as well.

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