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Elk Grove Considers Light Rail
Elk Grove Considers Light Rail

On August 26, 2015, the Elk Grove City Council approved an agreement to collaborate with Sacramento Regional Transit (RT) to entertain a vision of eventually bringing light rail into the City of Elk Grove.

Elk Grove Block Party
Elk Grove Block Party

We live in a society today where people don’t even take the time to say hello to their neighbors, much less, get to know them.

Elk Grove Bicycle Accidents

Elk Grove Bicycling Accidents

In 2009, a traffic study was performed by the Office of Traffic Safety.  In that study we learned that Elk Grove was the city in Sacramento County with the most bike-on-car crashes.

Elk Grove -- National Night Out
Elk Grove – National Night Out

Go easy on the cocktails…but do come together and meet your neighbors during the nationwide event going on all over the country and right here in Elk Grove tomorrow!

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