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September 16, 2015
Edward Smith

Elk Grove Lowering Speed Limit

The City of Elk Grove had their city council meeting on September 9, 2015.  In that meeting, council members unanimously approved lowering the speed limit on certain roads in Elk Grove.

Who Came Up With This Idea?

Traffic engineers who work for the City of Elk Grove.  The California Vehicle Code authorizes cities to set speed limits for streets in their city.

They monitor and perform traffic safety studies.

Before submitting a proposal to the city council, engineers study things like:

  • Traffic Accident History on a given street
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety
  • Typical Traffic Amount on a given street
  • Speed of Traffic on a given street
  • The length, width, lanes and visibility of a given street
  • The severity of curves on a specific street
  • Curbside Parking and driveway specifics of a street
  • Type of street (is the area residential, commercial, recreational, offices)

After looking at these study areas, traffic engineers will propose and set speed limits that are at or below the speed being driven by 85 percent of the cars surveyed.

Who Agreed to These Changes?

All five city council members approved of these changes after listening to a lot of discussion.  That discussion came from city engineering staff.  Public comments from residents of Elk Grove was also heard and considered. Many Elk Grove citizens are excited to have improved safety in their community. One resident suggested that motorists be given only warnings for the first year after the new speed reduction goes into effect. This will give motorists an opportunity to get comfortable with the new speed reduction.  Other Elk Grove citizens feel it is a waste of money.  Apparently, the new speed limit signs will run taxpayers approximately $10,000.

When Will Speed Limits be lowered?

These new speed reductions will go into effect in approximately thirty days.  Elk Grove Police Department will be enforcing the new speed limit.

What Streets will be affected?

Waterman Road between Grant Line and Calvine.  Elk Grove-Florin may also see some speed reduction as well as other roads in Elk Grove.

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Photo Attribution:  Elk Grove Police Department Website, Facebook Page 9/14/15