Elk Grove Block Party

Elk Grove Block Party

Elk Grove Block Party

Elk Grove Block Party

We live in a society today where people don’t even take the time to say hello to their neighbors, much less, get to know them.

Did you know that getting to know your neighbors may reduce crime?  It’s true.  A good neighbor may be one of your best tools for protecting your real property, personal property and the lives of those you hold dear.

A great way to get your neighbors together and begin discussing how to look out for one another is to plan a block party and have lots of good food and fun.

Organizing and Hosting a Block Party in Elk Grove

Whether you decide to go all out or have a small block party, we have provided several links to get you started.

The City of Elk Grove will assist you in properly closing off your street in order to have a safe and fun Elk Grove Block Party with your neighbors.  What a great way for everyone to come out and get to know one another.

For more information click here: permit application and information for your Elk Grove Block Party.

How to Introduce Neighborhood Watch at your Elk Grove Block Party

The Elk Grove Police Department website is an excellent resource for obtaining information on how to start a Neighborhood Watch in your area.  The Elk Grove Police Department’s website describes Neighborhood Watch like this:

“Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program enlisting the active participation of residents in cooperation with the Elk Grove Police Department to reduce the incidence and fear of crime in their communities. It involves neighbors getting to know each other to develop a program of mutual assistance. It involves neighbors being educated in crime reporting and suspect identification techniques. Finally, it involves neighbors using crime prevention strategies as tools to reduce crime in their communities.”

You may also contact Crime Elk Grove Police Department’s Crime Prevention Officer Andrew Bornhoeft at (916) 478-8117 or via email abornhoeft@elkgrovepd.org to get started.

Planning Your Elk Grove Block Party

Rock the Block is a Youtube video produced by Lowe’s Home Improvement to give you some wonderful ideas for your block party.  We found it to be helpful in generating ideas for our neighborhood block party.

Good Housekeeping has a great article on How to Throw a Great Block Party.

Check out this YouTube video of an Elk Grove Block Party.  This party looks quite large and impressive. It was held on the 4th of July.

Whether you decide to have a simple block party or decide to totally rock your block, be sure to you get as many of your neighbors on board as possible.  The more excitement and enthusiasm you are able to gain in your neighborhood the better chances you will have to promote community involvement in preventing crime in your neighborhood.

It’s all about preventing crime before it happens!  Whatever you decide to do – get to know your neighbors, their routines, and their phone numbers.  Keep on an eye out for one another.  It just makes good sense.  You will also make new friends and build relationships with one another that may last a lifetime!

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