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Applying Negligence Per Se for Dog Attack Incidents

In California — like most other states – there are specific laws that address the keeping and maintenance of animals, as well as civil liability for injuries caused to other people by those animals. There are several different ways in which liability for injuries caused by a dog attack can be established for a personal injury claim or lawsuit, including ordinary or “general” negligence and/or strict liability. One other important legal concept is that of negligence per se for dog attack incidents, which in California is generally based upon county and city ordinances often referred to as “leash laws.”

Elk Grove Dog Bite Claims

Elk Grove Dog Bite Claims

I’m Ed Smith, an Elk Grove dog attack lawyer. Recently, in Elk Grove, an angry dog escaped from a front yard enclosure and attacked a five-year-old child. Thankfully, the mother was standing nearby and was able to protect herself and two children from being bitten. Statistics tell us that some 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs annually, half of whom are children. In California, the dog’s owner can be held responsible for any injuries their animal caused. Exceptions to this liability include if the victim was provoking the dog, performing a paid service involving the animal, i.e. grooming or training the dog or if a person was trespassing and was attacked or bitten.

Young Girl Suffered Injuries in Dog Attack

Last week, five-year-old Kaylee Bryant suffered minor injuries after a neighbor’s dog charged at her while walking through the Westerner Mobile Home Park in Elk Grove, with her mother and one-year-old sister.

Dogs Kill New Member To The Family

Newborn Baby Killed by Family Dogs 

A hot day in Fresno was where a newborn baby girl,  only 3 days old, tragically lost her life when she was killed by her family dogs after her mother stepped away for a few moments. The mother had left the door open to cope with the heat. The mother assumed that the two dogs were in the backyard and tied up but they made their way in through the open door. The baby girl was left on the couch where the dogs made contact with her and took her life away too soon.

Young Boy Killed in Dog Bite Attack

A child lost his life at the tender age of 9 in a heartbreaking tragedy. According to the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office, the boy died of wounds he received after being attacked by three pit bulls belonging to his sister.

Unfortunately, dog attacks on Dog’s Owners continue everyday.  It is estimated that approximately 30% of pit bull owners have been killed by their own dog. Despite statistics that certain dog breeds are reported as being more dangerous than others, we continue to hear dog owner’s tell themselves that their family pet would never harm anyone including themselves.  We have all heard comments such as “my dog would never bite anyone” or “my dog would never hurt me”. The truth is, dog attacks do occur, even against the pet’s owners. Education is the key to protecting not only the public but also the dog owners and their family members.

Recently, in the bay area of California, it was reported that a 40 year old women was at home, when at some point, she was brutally attacked by the family pet Pit Bull.  The dog attacked her face, arms and legs causing life threatening injuries. She was life flighted to the hospital for supportive care.

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