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Dogs Kill New Member To The Family

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July 13, 2016
Edward Smith

Dogs Kill New Member To The Family

Newborn Baby Killed by Family Dogs 

A hot day in Fresno was where a newborn baby girl,  only 3 days old, tragically lost her life when she was killed by her family dogs after her mother stepped away for a few moments. The mother had left the door open to cope with the heat. The mother assumed that the two dogs were in the backyard and tied up but they made their way in through the open door. The baby girl was left on the couch where the dogs made contact with her and took her life away too soon.

Details from Fresno Police

The two dogs were male and were owned by the 33-year-old mother’s brother, according to Fresno Police Sgt. Dan Macias, in his statement to the Fresno Bee. The two dogs are assumed to be of combined breeds of Shar Pei and Pit Bull. SPCA spokesperson Walter Salvari stated that the two dogs were later given to the California Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to be put to sleep. Sgt. Macias stated that the Fresno Police will continue to look further into the investigation. No charges have been made yet.

Statistics on Dog Bites

  • Approximately 4.7 million people nationwide are bitten annually by dogs.
  • One in five bites received by a dog will result in a serious injury requiring medical intervention.
  • Over 29,000 reconstructive surgeries are performed annually to repair damage resulting from a dog bite.
  • Nineteen dog breeds contributed to at least 88 fatalities after a dog bite attack in a recent 3-year period.
  • Pit bulls made up for about 59% of the fatalities, followed by rottweiler with 14%.
  • Pit bulls are responsible for the vast majority of off-property dog bite attacks that result in fatal injuries.
  • Male dogs are 6.2 times more likely to bite than their female counterparts.
  • Biters are 2.8 times more likely to bite if they are chained than unchained.
  • 42% of the dog bites cases in 2001 happened to children between the ages of 14 years and younger.
  • Injury rates among children were highest in the 5-years-old to 9-years-old age group.
  • Boys are bitten significantly more than girls.
  • The typical cost of a dog bite-related hospital stay was over $18,000.
  • Dog bite accidents occur more frequently in rural areas than in the city.

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