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Ceres Near Fatal Dog Attack

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July 18, 2016
Edward Smith

Ceres Near Fatal Dog Attack

Dog Attack in Ceres

We recently learned of a terrifying dog attack in Ceres, California. The attack involved a fifty-pound pit bull mix along with another dog. Both dogs were running loose in a Ceres, California neighborhood.

What Happened?

Two dogs approached Jan Stiles and her seven-pound Yorkie, Charlie, as they were cruising through the neighborhood for a daily walk. Stiles was turning from Colombard Way onto Bordeaux Drive where the two dogs approached her. Stiles attempted to hold Charlie over her head once she realized that the two dogs were charging at them in a violent motion. One of the dogs was a fifty-pound female mixed with pitbull. The dog jumped and attacked Stiles under her armpit. The attack made Stiles fall to the ground. Stiles began to scream for help. Thankfully, her screams scared off the other dog. However, the pit bull mix did not stop attacking Stiles and Charlie. Stiles attempted to protect Charlie under her legs. The dog attacked Stiles in the chest and caused puncture wounds to her arm.

Neighborhood Team Efforts

Jan Stiles was screaming for help for approximately a minute and a half. Thankfully, her neighbors heard her and came outside to help. A woman came outside barefoot to help. She got the dogs to back off of Stiles but one of the dogs charged at her. Another neighbor soon joined in and ran the dog off of Stiles and Charlie.

Animal Control Called Out to Help

Animal control officers were called to the scene where they followed the pit bull mix through a space in a backyard fence where it may have found its way out. The officers later patched the space in the fence with a large concrete piece.

Dog Attack Aftermath

Stiles had to be transported via ambulance to a local hospital for treatment of her injuries. Charlie sustained puncture wounds, bruises, and lacerations as a result of the attack. The veterinarian bill for Charlie totaled about $600. Stiles stated that she and Charlie feel unsafe now. They likely will be taking their usual walks for a while.

Stanislaus Animal Services Agency Reports

According to Annette Parton, the director of the Stanislaus Animal Services Agency, the owner could be charged with fines due to the dog not being on a leash and not being licensed. The dog that attacked Stiles and Charlie is under quarantine for 10 days. The dog may be returned to its owner afterward. The injuries Stiles and Charlie sustained were not severe enough to warrant euthanasia for the two dogs.

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