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Safety Tips to Care for Your Dogs During Stormy Weather

Dogs must go outdoors to do their business daily, whether they like the rain or not. But getting muddy and wet can mean bad news for more than your carpet or hardwood floors. Rainy weather can also affect your pet’s physical and mental health.

How to Keep Your Pets Warm During the Cold Months

Although the weather in California is mild compared to most parts of the country, it can still get pretty cold during the winter. Some of our furry friends can get just as cold, if not colder than we are. The winter season can pose significant health issues in many ways.

Dog Attacks Threaten Sacramento Postal Workers

The newest national rankings by the U.S. Postal Service for the number of dog attacks against its employees was released recently, and Sacramento was listed as number 16. National Dog Bite Awareness Week is from June 12 until June 18, and this seemed like a good time to make local residents aware of the dangers faced by Sacramento postal workers when delivering mail.

Applying Negligence Per Se for Dog Attack Incidents

In California — like most other states – there are specific laws that address the keeping and maintenance of animals, as well as civil liability for injuries caused to other people by those animals. There are several different ways in which liability for injuries caused by a dog attack can be established for a personal injury claim or lawsuit, including ordinary or “general” negligence and/or strict liability. One other important legal concept is that of negligence per se for dog attack incidents, which in California is generally based upon county and city ordinances often referred to as “leash laws.”

Dog as Your Co-Pilot

If you have ever been out on the roads and seen a large dog sticking his head out the window of a vehicle, you may have wondered if it is legal to drive with your dog roaming freely around your car.  In California, it is.  While other states have passed laws that require dogs to be restrained while riding in vehicles, there is no Vehicle Code (VC) section in our state that prohibits a dog from riding without restraint.

The Aftershock of Trauma

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a psychological condition that affects millions of people.  Upwards of 20% of people who have survived a traumatic event will go on to experience symptoms of PTSD. The condition is a sort of psychological aftershock following a traumatic experience such as:

Liability Insurance for Renters

Commonly, in a dog bite injury matter, the homeowner’s insurance policy will pay for damages associated with a dog bite – if the dog is owned by the homeowner.  However, many people rent their homes, and it becomes more difficult to assign liability to the property owner in that circumstance.  Often the renter will not have enough personal assets to pay for the injured person’s damages out of pocket.  If the renter has purchased a renters insurance policy to cover their possession in the event of theft or fire, that policy should also pay for damages if the renter’s dog bites a visitor.

All I Wanted for Christmas Was a Puppy

Did you bring home a new puppy for Christmas?  Though undeniably cute and cuddly, puppies are a lot more work than many realize.  They are a lot like toddlers, and just like with a small child, it is necessary to safety proof your home before letting them roam freely.  Puppies chew on everything.  Anything you don’t want to be covered in tooth marks should be placed out of the pup’s reach.  It is safest to cordon off an area for your new family member to have some freedom while protecting the rest of the house.  Some families crate train, and that is another option for sequestering the puppy.  Puppy-proofing keeps the animal safe and gives you peace of mind.  

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