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Do Sacramento Residents Need Dog Bite Insurance?

Insurance against a dog bite is one of those things that Sacramento residents and other Northern Californians may not think about, however, perhaps they should. The Sacramento Bee reported that incidences of dog attacks doubled in the area since 2006 and resulted in either hospitalization or visits to the emergency room. California was named by MoneyWise as having the highest number of dog bites in the nation. During 2018, the average insurance claim cost $45,543, with the filing of 2,166 claims. The total payout was more than $98 million. In the following, we will examine insurance coverage for dog bites and fatalities caused by canines in California in 2019.

Surgery Following a Dog Bite

A dog bite is a serious injury and, occasionally, it might even require surgery. Following a bite from any animal, particularly a dog, it is important to seek medical care as quickly as possible. Some of the important parts of treating a dog bite include washing out the wound thoroughly, stopping any bleeding, administering antibiotics to prevent an infection from developing, and assessing the need for surgery.

Protecting Yourself Against a Dog Bite

In Sacramento, as well as the rest of the country, the threat of a dog bite is a continuing problem. This is especially true for walkers and joggers who are simply out getting some exercise. However, there are ways that people innocently walking or jogging down the street or sidewalk can have some protection against a dog attack. The following information may be helpful. Remember that in California, a dog owner is financially responsible for any injuries his or her pet causes.

Sacramento Dog Attack Risk

The risk of a Sacramento dog attack is a continuing problem with hundreds of individuals bitten each year. According to an analysis, there were 2,800 reports of dog bites between May 2012 and May 2017. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that around 4.5 million canine bites happen every year nationwide. Even dog bites that are not serious can result in infections that can be difficult to treat. Knowing what your rights are is important to place a claim for injuries following a Sacramento dog attack that results in injuries or the death of your loved one. Following are some of the most common questions asked of a personal injury lawyer.

Sacramento Dog Bite Injury

Sacramento dog bite injury

Sacramento Dog Bite Injury – While a Sacramento dog bite injury can be minor, some cause devastating harm that results in disfigurement, emotional trauma and require extensive medical care. In addition to the injury itself, serious infections can be attributed to dog bites, which may be worse than the initial trauma. Complications from a dog bite can lead to severe infection and even death in some cases. Understanding why it is important to seek immediate treatment for a dog bite injury is essential.

How to Reduce the Risk of Dog Bites in Sacramento

How to Reduce the Risk of Dog Bites in Sacramento

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento dog bite lawyer. According to a recently released report by State Farm, California ranks number one in the country in the number of dog bites. Of the 3,600 insurance claims made to State Farm for dog bites, California totaled 488. It resulted in a payout of $18.7 million in 2017, which accounted for almost 14 percent of the injuries from dog bites in the nation. Let’s take a look at the incidence of dog bites, the injuries they cause and how to reduce the chance of them happening.

Tips to Avoid a Dog Bite

Tips to Avoid a Dog Bite

I’m Ed Smith, a dog bite lawyer in Sacramento. Having incorrect information about when a dog will or will not bite sometimes ends with a person being attacked and suffering injuries. While some of these ideas are from old wives’ tales, others are lack of knowledge about the way a dog thinks and reacts. Read ahead to learn about some of the common misconceptions people have and how to avoid a dog bite.


Dog Bites Common in California

I’m Ed Smith, a dog bite lawyer in Sacramento. The number of people who suffer a bite from a dog each year numbers in the millions. Half of those bite injuries are to small children between the ages of  5 and 9. While most do not require attention from a physician, enough do showing that dog bites are a serious hazard.


Easy Tips on Preventing Dog Bites

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento dog bite lawyer. The holiday season is a time when many people visit friends and relatives and entertain guests in their own homes. This can be a stressful time for dogs that live in these homes as unfamiliar people come and go, delivery men are ringing the doorbell and some people are actually staying at the house. It can be confusing and stressful for the family dog. Taking a few precautions to protect guests is a good idea.