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Too Late To Say Sorry?

Too Late To Say Sorry

Too Late to Say Sorry

Too Late To Say Sorry?

Too Late To Say Sorry

I’m Ed Smith, a Roseville dog bite lawyer. The Roseville Police Department extended an apology last Monday. One of the department’s police dogs wandered away from its handler. The police K-9 dog entered a private residence and attacked a small chihuahua belonging to the family who resides there.

How did the K-9 get loose?

The dog’s handler had been in the process of moving into a new home. The handler said the K-9 got away while he thought the dog was contained to the backyard of the home on Blue Oaks Boulevard in Roseville. Apparently, an open door leading to the garage provided the opportunity for the dog to escape.

How did the K-9 enter the private residence?

The K-9 ran down the street. About a block away from the handler’s house it entered the private residence through a dog door. The family residing in the home said the K-9 went wild. The family also had small children present. They had to quickly move the children to the safety of a bedroom. Meanwhile, the German Shepherd attacked their family pet. The family’s dad said that everything happened so fast. The family asked to remain anonymous.

What is the condition of the Chihuahua?

The family of the injured pet chihuahua said it suffered four broken ribs and other injuries.

What did Roseville Police Department have to say?

Roseville Police apologized and offered to pay for all of the injured chihuahua’s treatment. Lieutenant Troy Bergstrom is in charge of the department’s four K-9 units. He said, “We are truly sorry that this happened. This was a mistake on behalf of the handler.” An internal investigation is underway.

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Source: KCRA News – Roseville cops sorry about k9 attacks family pet

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