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Trailer Hitch Sacramento
I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Products Liability Lawyer. Improperly installed defective trailer hitches can cause serious accidents with catastrophic and even fatal injuries. Both commercial and private vehicles are at risk for this sort of accident, no matter the size of their cargo.

Trailer Decoupling


California Laws for Defective Products

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento products liability lawyer. California is one of the most consumer friendly states. It adheres to the legal doctrine of strict liability that holds a company or a person liable for damages due to a defective product whether or not negligence has occurred. Liability in this instance involves all persons or companies from the manufacturer through to distributors and retailers. Even though proving negligence is not mandatory, the plaintiff (the person who was injured) must prove the product was defective.

Fidget Spinner Fatality

Hi, I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento personal injury lawyer. Every year, kids of different ages latch on to new toys and products and begin playing constantly with them. Toy fads have been around forever, especially when you count Radio Flyer wagons, “banana seat” bikes, the “slinky,” silly putty – and all other “coming-of-age” items kids like to use or hide in their backpacks before heading off to school.

Fidget Spinners


Phone Case Burns Child

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento products liability lawyer. A child’s phone case has allegedly caused a chemical burn and scarred her for life. The 9-year-old was in bed sleeping when the harmful pink glitter leaked on her leaving her with an iPhone 5c burn mark on her leg. The child, from Ware, Hertfordshire, bought the phone case decorated with rainbows and unicorns from a New Look store located in Cambridge. Her mother has been warning other parents via Facebook to be aware of the potential dangers from similar phone cases. Her post has gone viral and has been shared more than 40,000 times.


St Ives Apricot Scrub Lawsuit

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento products liability attorney. The trending skincare product today is the apricot facial scrub by St. Ives. Many consumers stand by the product for its proposed benefits to its users. However, many contest the benefits of the product and present the long-term, harmful side effects due to the main ingredient in the product.

Are You Using A Tree Harness?

Snap-hook and V-rings are parts used in tree harnesses commonly purchased by hunters to obtain optimal hunting shots from way up high in a tree.  Product liability issues may arise when these parts are defective and dangerous.  Some falls may be minor, moderate or may even result in a wrongful death.

Many times people shop for a used car at a used car lot and are under the impression that the used car dealer has checked for safety defects or at least checked for recalls on components of the car.

Sadly, that is often NOT the case. Many used cars are sold when there have been open recalls by the manufacturer to address safety defects.

car accident
Wrongful death claims may be associated with a vehicle defect.  Wrongful death claims associated with vehicle defects can include the following types of scenarios: brake malfunction, seat back failure, seats that break upon impact, Roof collapse and intrusion,  tire tread failure and fuel system leakage.   Some cars, especially SUV’s, have been associated with defective construction that results in an unusual amount of vehicle rollovers.  Wrongful death claims can also exist when a safety device installed in the car, such as an airbag or seat belt, either causes injury or fails to work properly.

Below are some examples of vehicle defects or manufacture defect designs that resulted in trials due to the wrongful death of individuals.

As a Sacramento Products liability lawyer  since 1982 , I’ve seen lots of serious injuries caused by or associated with consumer products over the years. As part of my continuing series, Just the stats, here are some of the more serious  and injuries, courtesy of the Consumer Products Safety Commission for 2012.

Defective Flooring material 1,500,000 injuries