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Pool Filter Explosions May Be More Common Than You Think

Pool Filter Explosions May Be More Common Than You Think

If you asked a normal homeowner whether or not they would consider keeping a bomb in their backyard, the answer would almost always be a resounding “of course not.” However, the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals estimates that there are well over ten million residential pools in the United States, and a large majority of these pools use a high-pressure pool filter. Because these filters are designed to operate under very high pressure, they can explode with a massive amount of force when something goes wrong.

An Underreported Issue

While a few high-profile pool filter explosion cases have made headlines over recent years, there is reason to believe that the problem may be more common than we know. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the national entity that keeps track of dangerous product accidents, has reported at least 23 deadly pool filter accidents since 1982. However, manufacturers are only expected to report accidents to the CPSC if they’ve settled or lost multiple personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits involving the same product model within a 2-year-period.

While manufacturers are only expected to report incidents when they happen in clusters and with the same product model, many companies distribute multiple models using the same potentially dangerous filter design.

What Makes Filters Dangerous?

Pool filters are typically designed in such a way that two pieces are held together by a clamping system. However, critics of this design say that the clamping system is liable to loosen over time, causing it to be unable to properly hold the two halves of the filter together. While companies argue that this design is meant to allow owners to easily access their filter and do routine maintenance, critics advocate a design using a series of bolts that will not loosen with continued use.

On top of loose clamps, pool filters can suffer from other defects that turn the common household appliance into a dangerous explosive. In some cases, a malfunctioning air-relief valve causes the filter to build up an excessive amount of pressure, eventually resulting in an explosion. In other cases, safety bands or filter exteriors aren’t strong enough to contain the normal pressure of the device.

What Can I Do If I’ve Been Injured By an Exploding Pool Filter?

After being injured during an accident, many people are worried about how they will be able to recover their health. Not only is the process of recovering from a serious injury both physically and personally difficult, but being injured is also usually a serious financial strain as well. Paying for surgeries, ambulance rides, hospital stays, medication, therapy, and other medical expenses can leave people in a considerable amount of debt. Furthermore, suffering a serious injury is likely to affect your income as well, as many accident survivors are unable to work for a significant amount of time.

These concerns can be very troubling. However, those who’ve been injured by a dangerous or defective product such as an exploding pool filter can get help by getting in touch with a local personal injury lawyer and filing an injury claim. By pursuing an injury claim, accident survivors and their families are often able to claim payment for the full amount of losses they have suffered, including both personal and financial damages. If you’d like to learn more about what you may be able to recover through filing a claim, the best thing you can do is get advice personally from a trustworthy attorney.

How Do I Find an Injury Attorney?

The idea of finding an injury attorney can seem stressful, especially if you’ve just gone through a traumatic event. However, delaying contacting a lawyer can negatively affect your ability to claim compensation. Thankfully, getting connected with a skilled, compassionate lawyer with the means to effectively handle your case is easy if you know how. To learn more about finding an excellent exploding pool filter lawyer, check out this short video:

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