Popular Jogging Stroller Causing Safety Concerns

Jogging Stroller Safety Concerns

Jogging strollers have become popular among parents, particularly those with young children, because they can keep their kids with them during their exercise. Unfortunately, one popular brand of jogging stroller is having significant issues. The Britax Jogging Stroller has been one of the leading options on the market; however, in the last six years, more than 200 complaints have been filed with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Some of the pertinent issues regarding these complaints include:

  • The number of complaints is highly unusual for a single product, raising suspicion.
  • The front wheel of the stroller is loose and could fall off, causing the user to lose control.
  • Without control of the stroller, both the parent and the stroller occupant are at risk of serious injury.

Serious Injuries Resulting from a Lack of Control

Not all strollers are meant to be used while running. When a stroller, such as that made by Britax, is marketed for jogging, it needs extra stability. Because the stroller is moving at a higher speed, control and stability become paramount. When the front wheel of this stroller falls off, a lack of control could lead to a severe accident. Some of the key issues resulting from accidents involving the Britax Jogging Stroller include:

  • Reports have been made of babies crashing headfirst in the tumbling stroller.
  • This could lead to serious cuts, scrapes, or even a traumatic brain injury.
  • The jogger is also at risk and could suffer serious traumatic injuries such as bone fractures.

Some of these injuries could lead to a hospital visit or long-term complications.

Disagreements Between the Manufacturer and the CPSC

With the overwhelming number of complaints regarding the safety of this product, the manufacturer released a statement denying any issues regarding the safety of its jogging stroller. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) got involved.

After a detailed investigation, the CPSC concluded that the stroller did have a severe defect. This was based on the front wheel spontaneously repeatedly failing, placing the user at risk. The wheel is secured to the body of the stroller by a lever that has a quick release. This lever can be rotated to alter the tightness of the wheel to the frame of the stroller. Less than half rotation of this lever is the difference between the stroller being safe and unsafe to use.

Senior CPSC commissioners have described the issue as “obvious” and “appalling.” Based on this information, the CPSC demanded that Britax recall their defective strollers due to these issues. The loose front wheel places everyone at risk. Unfortunately, Britax refused to recall their product and again stated that the jogging stroller was safe when it was used properly.

A Sacramento Products Liability Lawyer Can Help

Due to the ongoing safety issues and the refusal of Britax to recall their stroller, the CPSC filed a lawsuit against Britax. The result of this litigation was split. Britax did conduct a safety campaign to educate users about their stroller. Britax also offered replacement parts and discounts to customers who requested them. Importantly, Britax still was not forced to recall the stroller.

Despite the mandate that Britax conducts a safety campaign, many customers have still not received these notices. The CPSC has been criticized for not applying more pressure to Britax. Even the United States government is requesting documents pertinent to the investigation. For this reason, more needs to be done. Professional legal assistance is available to families who have been injured by this jogging stroller.

Watch YouTube Video: The Washington Post reports why thousands of jogging strollers have yet to be recalled despite them being unsafe.

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