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National Mutt Day: 6 Reasons Why Mutts are the Best

July 31st: A Celebration of Mutts

Since 2005, July 31st has been recognized as National Mutt Day, which serves as a celebration of mixed breed dogs around the world.  

Thousands of healthy and loving mutts are currently in shelters throughout California, waiting for a friend to adopt them.  National Mutt Day may be a good opportunity for you to find a canine companion.  

Here are six awesome things about mutts:

Mutts are Unique

Like snowflakes, no two mutts are alike.  It is fun to guess the parents of a mixed breed dog, especially when the pairing produces particularly interesting features in the pup, like a Corgi-St. Bernard mix, for example.  How is that even possible?  

Mutts Cost Less – Initially

Purebred dogs are often expensive to purchase, especially those breeds currently trendy and desirable.  A French Bulldog, for example, can cost a few thousand dollars.  Shelters and adoption agencies, on the other hand, usually require at most a couple hundred dollars to adopt one of their many mixed-breed dogs.  That cost usually includes the spay or neuter charges, as well.  Once you take home the mutt, however, he should receive the same luxuries that any expensive purebred dog would enjoy – quality dog food, regular veterinary care, toys, obedience training, and a comfortable, well-fitting collar and leash.

Adopting a Mutt Means You Won’t Support a Puppy Mill

Commercial breeders profit from selling puppies without much regard for their health and wellbeing.  They also contribute to overbreeding.  If more people chose to adopt from a rescue group or shelter, not only would shelter dog lives be saved but “puppy mills” would eventually be driven out of business.

Mutts Are Potentially Healthier Than Some Purebreds

This may be largely anecdotal, but it is often said that mutts are healthier because certain breeds are prone to specific illnesses such as cataracts and hip/elbow dysplasia.  By mixing breeds, the varied genetic components have the potential to filter out such predispositions.  Of course, nothing is a guarantee, and many purebred dogs live as long as their mixed brethren.  A mutt may have just as many issues and need as many vet visits as a purebred.  Certainly, overbreeding of certain types of purebred dogs has led to many health issues that a mutt may avoid. 

They Can Be Service Animals

It is not necessary for a dog to be a purebred in order to be trained as a therapy or service dog.  Mutts are just as intelligent and trainable as any other dogs.

Mutts Surprise Their Owners

The personality of a purebred dog is somewhat predictable.  Breeding practices over many years have been honed to achieve a certain breed temperament.  Mixed breeds, particularly puppies, are a constant surprise.  The mystery of genetics means you get to see your puppy grow up and develop his or her own unique personality.

Enjoy this short YouTube video celebrating mutts:

Observing National Mutt Day

If you have been thinking about adding a canine member to your family, July is a good time to visit a shelter to meet the adoptable dogs.  If a new dog is not in the cards for you, volunteering, or donating to a local shelter are other ways to help out.  

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