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November 09, 2022
Edward Smith

How to Keep Your Pets Warm During the Cold Months

Although the weather in California is mild compared to most parts of the country, it can still get pretty cold during the winter. Some of our furry friends can get just as cold, if not colder than we are. The winter season can pose significant health issues in many ways.

During these frigid months, keeping your pets indoors is vital to ensure they have a safe and warm place to sleep. Providing your pets with plenty of blankets, pillows, and covers will allow them to regulate their body temperature and stay warm.

Tips to Keep Your Furry Friends Warm and Healthy

Whether their paws are chapped, or their skin is flaky, it’s essential to be aware of what cold temperatures bring our four-legged friends. Below are ten safety tips to help keep your pets warm, safe, and healthy through the cold months.

  • If it is too cold for you, it is too cold for your pet. Pets can become disoriented, injured, lost, freeze, or even die outdoors in the cold. Keep them inside where they can stay warm and cozy.
  • Don’t leave them alone in the car. A vehicle can hold in the cold air and feel like a refrigerator, leading to serious health concerns, including death.
  • Keep your home humidified. Be sure to dry your pet with a towel before they come inside to avoid flaky and itchy skin. Going into the cold and returning to a warm home repeatedly can cause skin reactions in pets. Pay close attention to their feet and toes to help prevent and treat skin irritation.
  • Don’t shave your dog’s hair down to its skin during the winter. Longer fur provides more warmth for your pets. If your fur baby is long-haired, trim them to minimize clinging salt crystals or ice balls that can dry out their skin. If your pet is short-haired, give them a sweater with a high collar with enough coverage from the tail to the belly.
  • Try not to give your pets a bath too often during the winter. Overbathing can remove essential oils and increase the chance of developing flaky and dry skin. If you must bathe your pet, use a moisturizing shampoo recommended by a veterinarian.
  • Massage oil or jelly on your pet’s paw pads before going for a walk. It will help protect their paws from salt and chemical agents.
  • After walking your pet, wash and dry their stomach and feet. Check for redness or cracks in paw pads between their toes.
  • Make sure your furry friend has a warm and comfortable place to sleep at night and away from drafts. A warm dog bed with a pillow and blanket will be perfect.
  • Clean up any antifreeze spills. Antifreeze is deadly for pets. Consider using products that contain propylene glycol rather than ethylene glycol. Cold weather chemicals, such as ice melts, can be dangerous if consumed, so always keep them out of your pet’s reach.
  • Feed your pet more during the winter months. Pets tend to work harder in the winter to stay warm, so they burn more energy. Feeding them extra food can provide the calories their bodies need. Make sure they also drink plenty of water to help keep their skin hydrated.

Keep these tips in mind during the chilly months so that you and your pets can stay safe, warm, and cozy.

Watch the YouTube Video: Tips to Keep Your Pets Warm During Freezing Temperatures. The video below provides more tips on how to keep your pets warm during cold temperatures.

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