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Single-Vehicle Collision in Folsom Related to Drunk Driving

A single-vehicle collision on November 5 occurred on Folsom-Auburn Rd, just north of Folsom Lake Crossing at about 7:00 p.m. and injured three people. Rescue personnel with the fire department found two people trapped inside of the vehicle and extricated them. Those injured in the single-vehicle collision were transported to a local hospital for treatment. Traffic was completely blocked on Northbound Folsom-Auburn Road, and officers from the Folsom Police Department were on hand to direct motorists away from the area. Investigating authorities concluded that the single-vehicle collision was related to drinking and driving. At this juncture, it is unknown if the driver was charged with a DUI or not. 

Major Injuries in Single Vehicle Accident

Major injuries were reported in a June 19 accident in Folsom when a vehicle went off the road. The driver of the vehicle was rushed to the UC Davis Medical Center for treatment and evaluation. The driver was reported to have suffered a chest injury in the accident. The accident happened just after 8:00 in the morning along westbound Lincoln Highway just west of the Prairie City Road on-ramp. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the minivan went off the roadway a distance of about 25 feet for unknown reasons into an area of trees and bushes. The vehicle was buried underneath a tree by the collision, and the fire department had to use a chainsaw to free it.

Rural Intersection Crash in Folsom

A rural intersection crash occurred in Folsom on March 5 at Scott Road and White Rock Road. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the accident occurred shortly after 2:00 in the afternoon when a PT Cruiser and Ford F-350 hauling a mid-sized wood chipper collided. Sacramento Fire Department EMTs were called to the scene to assess injuries, and at least one individual in the Chrysler was harmed by the collision and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Both of the vehicles were reported by the CHP to have sustained major front end damage.

Folsom Multivehicle Accident on Scott Road

On March 2, a Folsom multivehicle accident occurred along Scott Road about one mile north of Boys Ranch Road at about 10:15 a.m. It was in the vicinity of where Scott intersects White Rock Road. Although early reports were sketchy, it appears that a Toyota and an unknown sedan collided as did a BMW and an Enterprise truck. Both lanes were blocked, and a traffic advisory was issued for that portion of Scott Road, alerting motorists to the possibility of long delays in the area and closures lasting for at least three hours. Ambulances were called to the scene to deal with injuries suffered in the Folsom multivehicle accident. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is investigating the accident.

Folsom Traffic Collision on Hazel Avenue

A Folsom traffic collision happened on February 10 at about 4:30 p.m. that involved three vehicles. The accident occurred along southbound Hazel Avenue near the Nimbus Flat State Recreation Area just south of the river. The cars involved were a Nissan, Mercedes and another unknown vehicle. According to the report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), at least one person was injured in the crash. One of the cars was reported as smoking badly, and emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department were on hand to assess those who were injured in the crash and deal with the vehicle. It was reported that an ambulance was called to the scene. However, the condition of that person has not been released.

Learning CPR Helped a Police Officer Save a Woman’s Life

Learning CPR can save a life as it did when two police officers helped a woman injured in a Folsom car crash on January 20. Deputy Jaie Sacco was off duty from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department at around 10:45 a.m. when a Mazda passed him along East Natoma. He reported that the driver of the Mazda suddenly lost control, overcorrected and hydroplaned into oncoming traffic. At this point, the car was broadsided by an SUV.

Folsom Injury Accident Involves Head On Collision

A Folsom injury accident occurred on January 20, which resulted in the hospitalization of two people following a head-on collision. According to the report by the Folsom Police Department, the accident occurred on East Natoma Street between Briggs Ranch Drive and Folsom Lake Crossing at about 10:45 in the morning. A woman who was driving one of the vehicles was thrown out by the impact of the crash. According to the Folsom Police, a witness did CPR on the driver. She, along with the second vehicle’s driver, were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment and further evaluation. No further information has been released on the conditions of the two injured people. Police do not believe that either drugs or alcohol contributed to the crash.

Folsom Dangerous Intersection

Folsom Dangerous Intersection

Folsom Dangerous Intersection –  A Folsom dangerous intersection will probably improve when drivers become accustomed to the changes made in the roadway. Until then, exercising more care is an excellent idea to help avoid an accident. Because of a number of near misses on East Bidwell Street near the entrance to Sutter Middle School, the city is discussing if more signs placed at the intersection might help.

Folsom Multiple Vehicle Accident

Folsom Multiple Vehicle Accident
A Folsom multiple vehicle accident occurred on August 27, 2018. It resulted from an initial rear-end collision and caused multiple injuries. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the collision occurred on U.S. Route 50 and involved five vehicles. Because some of the parties involved in the accident were unable to get out of their vehicles, fire crews were required to extricate those individuals.

Dangers of Driving with Diabetes

Dangers of Driving with Diabetes

I’m Ed Smith, a Folsom Personal Injury Lawyer. Despite all of the advances made in the field of medicine, obesity and diabetes continue to persist as some of modern society’s greatest challenges. Diabetes has the potential to cause numerous complications that can add a significant amount of stress to families everywhere.

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