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Folsom Dangerous Intersection

Folsom Dangerous Intersection

Folsom Dangerous Intersection

Folsom Dangerous Intersection –  A Folsom dangerous intersection will probably improve when drivers become accustomed to the changes made in the roadway. Until then, exercising more care is an excellent idea to help avoid an accident. Because of a number of near misses on East Bidwell Street near the entrance to Sutter Middle School, the city is discussing if more signs placed at the intersection might help.

Details About the Folsom Dangerous Intersection

Many motorists have been craning their necks and honking their horns when turning at East Bidwell Street and Coloma since construction was completed at the intersection. Before the changes, drivers going north at East Bidwell were allowed to use two lanes to make a left to Coloma. However, Sutter Middle School now has a new entrance, and lights and crosswalks have been installed as well as a third lane where drivers can only go straight or make a right-hand turn. That’s a big change from before, and local drivers haven’t gotten accustomed to the new routing yet, so it remains a dangerous intersection. The assistant principal at the school believes motorists will get used to the changes and that the changes will make it safer for the students.

Intersection Accident Statistics

According to the Federal Highway Administration, over 50 percent of injuries and fatalities from accidents occur at intersections. Statistics show that a Folsom dangerous intersection makes it more likely to be involved in a collision, despite an advance warning to motorists of changes in the roadway. However, in areas where large numbers of people and motor vehicles congregate such as schools, it is important that the area roads be designed to be as safe as possible.

Road Defects That Can Lead to a Folsom Dangerous Intersection

It is the responsibility of a government entity, whether city, county or state, to make roads safe for users. If the design is defective and leads to accidents, the road is poorly maintained or lacks signs or a government employee is negligent, it can lead to a collision. A lawyer who is experienced in claims against government entities can investigate a collision caused by defective design or poor maintenance and help you obtain fair compensation for your injuries. Because the timeline for filing against a government entity is much shorter than that for other personal injuries, it is important to address the need for compensation as early as possible.

How to Avoid a Folsom Dangerous Intersection Accident

Accidents at intersections are generally caused when someone runs a red light or stop sign, makes an illegal turn or goes outside their lane. Knowing how to exercise more caution at intersections may help keep you safer.

  • Look both ways carefully and ahead before proceeding through an intersection no matter the time of day or night to avoid a T-bone or broadside accident. Broadside crashes can result in a rollover and carry a high rate of fatalities.
  • Use extra caution when going through a yellow light. Some drivers speed up to pass through a yellow light. If you know the yellow light has been on for a few seconds while approaching it, it is a better idea to slow down preparatory to stopping. Being caught in the middle of an intersection when the light has changed can cause a dangerous intersection collision.
  • If you are stopped behind another car at an intersection, keep back a little distance from the vehicle in front, and don’t stop in the middle of a crosswalk. This is how some pedestrian accidents happen.
  • Look for oncoming drivers from all directions before turning. Never try to make a turn from a lane that is designated for straight traffic. Drive into the proper lane when turning. Changing lanes when going into a turn can end up causing a collision or having your car sideswiped.

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