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Rural Intersection Crash in Folsom

Rural Intersection Crash in Folsom

A rural intersection crash occurred in Folsom on March 5 at Scott Road and White Rock Road. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the accident occurred shortly after 2:00 in the afternoon when a PT Cruiser and Ford F-350 hauling a mid-sized wood chipper collided. Sacramento Fire Department EMTs were called to the scene to assess injuries, and at least one individual in the Chrysler was harmed by the collision and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Both of the vehicles were reported by the CHP to have sustained major front end damage.

Rural Accidents

The traffic along rural roads is much lighter than it is in urban areas. However, rural roads are where more than half of all traffic fatalities occur even though only 23 percent of the people live there. Three of the factors that contribute to the high percentage of fatalities and injuries are the construction of the roadway, distance from a hospital and human error. One of the problems is that smaller towns and rural areas often do not have the financial resources to address these problems.

Driver Negligence Contributes to Rural Road Accidents

Driving down country roads is enjoyable for many as they seek a little time away from the city or live in areas where space affords them more privacy. The problem is that drivers in the country can be lax in obeying traffic rules, especially since there are not as many police officers to monitor motorists. This can lead drivers to take risks and endanger others. Fatalities and injuries along rural roads may be caused by the following;

  • Speeding is common on rural roads because traffic is lighter, and some drivers go down the middle, instead of staying in their own lane. This is especially true if the lines in the road are not clearly marked.
  • Drunk driving happens on rural roads as it does in urban areas. A smaller police presence in these areas means that a drunk driver is less likely to be caught before an accident occurs.
  • Farm equipment along a rural road such as a tractor can be slow moving and cause a rural intersection crash.
  • Unfamiliarity with a road can cause accidents.
  • Running a stop sign may be negligence or unfamiliarity with the road. Either can cause a rural intersection crash.
  • Missing road signs because some youngsters find it fun to take them can cause an accident to an unsuspecting driver. However, the government entity may be held responsible if those signs are not replaced. The entity in charge is also responsible for the repair of potholes, soft shoulders, and other maintenance.
  • Because some drivers along rural roads are more lax, they may not be wearing seat belts. While this does not lead to an accident, it can result in serious injuries and fatalities.
  • Ranch and farm entrances may be hidden by trees or foliage, which can contribute to a rural intersection crash.

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