Bicycling Minor Injured in Elk Grove Car Collision

Minor Riding Bicycle Injured in Bruceville Road Car Collision

A bicycling minor was involved in a car collision on May 16 in Elk Grove and was hospitalized in critical condition. According to a representative of the Cosumnes Fire Department, the minor was bicycling at the Bruceville Road intersection with Laguna Boulevard around 1:30 p.m. when the accident occurred. No information was provided on whether the vehicle driver remained at the scene. The Elk Grove Police Department is investigating the accident to determine what happened. 

Recovering Compensation When a Minor Is Injured in a Car Collision

Having one of your children injured in an accident is heartbreaking. On top of the stress of their injury and hospitalization, the family probably also faces increasing medical bills and other losses. If a negligent driver was responsible for that injury, the family may want to consider filing a personal injury claim on their child’s behalf to recover compensation. The following compensation may be recovered in the case of a minor:

  • All medical costs associated with the accident injury are recoverable. This includes the ambulance fee, hospitalization, surgeries, medications, physicians’ bills and the cost of rehabilitative care. Once the patient can go home, the cost of nursing care, alterations to accommodate the disabled person, medications and other expenses such as wheelchairs can be calculated into the compensation. If the injury is ongoing, an expert can be used to calculate future expenses.
  • Pain and suffering in the accident can be recovered, including the emotional and psychological trauma the patient is enduring.

How a Lawyer Investigates the Cause of a Bicycle Collision

When a cyclist is involved in an intersection car collision, lawyers will typically investigate the cause to collect the evidence needed to support a claim for compensation. They will look at the physical evidence, such as the following:

  • The position of the vehicles after the car collision
  • Any skid marks or other indicators on the pavement
  • Whether traffic signals are functioning correctly, signage such as speed limits posted
  • Nearby road conditions to ensure the area was maintained correctly
  • Whether the driver was speeding, impaired or distracted

Other Areas of Investigation

Lawyers can also review relevant medical records and interview witnesses for additional information about what happened before and during the incident. Additionally, attorneys can request police reports from law enforcement officers who responded to the scene. These reports provide essential details such as the driver’s statement, the cyclist’s account of events and any citations that were issued.

Once the evidence in the car collision has been gathered, it is compiled into a strong case that supports the client’s compensation claim. 

Lawyer Ed Smith shares tips with you for what to look for in an attorney to handle your claim.

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