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July 18, 2019
Edward Smith

Swimming Pool Light Causes Death of Citrus Heights Child

A young girl died in Citrus Heights on July 14 when she was reportedly electrocuted by a malfunctioning light in a swimming pool. The Citrus Heights Police Department reported that the accident happened in a residential neighborhood close to Interstate 80 and Antelope Road. The child, age 9, was pronounced dead at a hospital after attempts to save her using CPR by rescue personnel with the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Crew and other adults. Police reported that the light was being repaired at the time the death happened. I would like to extend my sympathy and prayers to the family and friends of the child.

Liability in a Swimming Pool Accident

Whether in a public or private setting, it is the owner or manager’s duty to maintain a pool in a safe condition to avoid fatalities or injuries. When negligence occurs, and the death of a loved one is the result, the family may claim fair compensation. A seasoned personal injury lawyer can help by dealing with the insurance company on your behalf. If the compensation offered is insufficient, the lawyer can investigate to build a strong wrongful death lawsuit. Our investigative team will examine the accident site to determine what caused the individual’s death. Gathering this evidence, along with checking the accuracy of the police report and interviewing witnesses, can be used to support a wrongful death claim. Evidence can disappear, and witness memories can fade, so it is important to contact us as soon as possible.

Light Fixture Malfunction

The light fixture in question that is believed to have caused the swimming pool accident is one that is underneath the waterline, according to a local businessman in the area. Deon Nesson has operated All Clear Pool and Spa Supply for the past 30 years. Nesson said that electrical parts of the swimming pool are interconnected but where the light was connected to the pool fixture was a weak spot. He said that when a short in the system occurs, a person would feel a small tingle when entering the pool, which indicates a problem. He advises if this happens to not touch the fixture and shut the power off immediately. 

Pool Safety

Swimming pools that are up to code include a circuit breaker and are attached to the ground fault interrupter such as those in electrical sockets in bathrooms. The lighting panels for a pool are also wired into the system for added protection. The electrical circuits for a swimming pool should be reviewed each month or two for safety. Failure to properly maintain the electrical system of a swimming pool can result in serious injuries or lead to a fatality.

Causes of Swimming Pool Accidents

There are a number of ways a swimming pool accident can occur, and many of them are due to negligence. Some of the ways injuries and fatalities can result are:

  • Insufficient warning signs
  • Poor maintenance such as in pool drains
  • Broken glass
  • Malfunction in pool lights
  • Negligent lifeguards
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Negligent repair services

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