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Dog Bite Claims in California

A recent study revealed California has the largest number of dog bite claims in the U.S. according to the Insurance Information Institute.

Can A Dog Bite Break Bones

Dog bites can cause significant injuries including fractures. Common places that a dog will attack are to the leg, face, hand, or neck. Because a child’s head is close to the level of a larger-sized dog, the head and neck are the most common body parts for a dog bite to occur.  The hands, arms, and legs are typical places a dog bite occurs in older children and adults.

The forces of a dog’s jaw and teeth are so strong that they can often crush bones in these places. Fractures tend to be one of the most severe types of dog bite injuries because a victim often has puncture wounds from the dog’s teeth that can become infected on the skin and in the broken bone.

What kind of dog bite injury compensation can I get if I was bitten by a dog?

In California, if you are bitten by a dog the dog owner is held strictly liable. What that means is that you only need to prove that you were bitten and were injured as a result of the dog bite.

Law enforcement officials use trained dogs to help them do their job in tracking and apprehending a suspect. There are situations where a case can be brought by a victim of a dog bite caused by a K-9 police dog. These type of cases are complex and require an experienced dog bite attorney to investigate the facts of the circumstance to determine liability and if a case can be made.

Recently a Sacramento man evaded a police officer leading to a stand off.  The officer’s K-9 helped apprehend the man and in doing so caused some bite injuries. A video of the scene and attack can be found here. In this instance, the man evaded the officer and during a stand off was drinking and holding a gun to his head threatening to kill himself.  In this particular circumstance there is no liability for the injuries caused by the police dog under California Civil Code Section 3342.

Most dog bites cause puncture wounds, lacerations or abrasions to the skin. Because animals have bacteria in their mouth, one of the most common problems following an animal bite is an infection. Medical treatment after a dog bite of any kind, is necessary in minimizing the chance of developing severe problems from the bite.  Factors that contribute to the infection rate include the type and location of the wound, health condition of the victim bitten and the extent of the delay in treatment.

Common Types of Bite Wounds at Increased Risk of Developing an Infection

A report released that dog bite claims are on the rise across the states by 5.5 percent since last year and California is ranked the highest according to the Insurance Information Institute. California had the most claims last year at 1,919.

The study reported that in 2013, insurance companies in California paid out over $64 million in claims involving dog bites. California law holds dog owners 100% liable when their dog bites someone.

Rescued Mastiff Bites Anchorwoman on Live TV Sparks Discussion of Dog Safety

Rescued Mastiff Bites Anchorwoman on Live TV Sparks Discussion of Dog Safety

On Wednesday, February 8, 2012, a Denver anchorwoman, Kyle Dyer, was bitten in the face by an Argentine Mastiff on live television. The 85-lb dog had been rescued by Firefighter Tyler Sugaski after having fallen through the ice on a frozen lake the day before. Many news outlets have stopped showing the video, but it is widely available online. If you choose to view the video, be aware that the content may be upsetting. The Sacramento Bee article relating to the story can be read here.

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