Dog Bite Injury Compensation

What kind of dog bite injury compensation can I get if I was bitten by a dog?

In California, if you are bitten by a dog the dog owner is held strictly liable. What that means is that you only need to prove that you were bitten and were injured as a result of the dog bite.
An experienced dog bite attorney can determine the amount of compensation you deserve injuries and damages caused by a dog bite.  A victim is entitled to receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and any future medical related care or lost income.

In addition to these loses a dog bite victim is entitled to compensation for physical pain and suffering as well as emotional trauma, associated with the dog bite attack.

Understandably, with medical bills piling up, a dog bite victim typically wants to know the value of his or her case as soon as possible. Don’t short change yourself. If you or someone you love has been bitten by a dog, it is best not to sign a release for immediate compensation that only covers the victim’s medical bills. There is no way to determine the value of a dog bite injury by the medical bills alone. There are other important factors to consider before settling a dog bite claim that only an experienced dog bite attorney will carefully investigate.

What Determines the Value of a Case?

Factors such as whether there is any physical disfigurement and/or scarring will increase the amount of pain and suffering that the jury will likely award and the amount the insurance adjuster will feel comfortable paying. The location of a scar can make a difference as well. A scar on the face is considerably more emotionally disturbing than a permanent scar in a non-visible place. The age of the victim should also be factored in to the value of the case, especially in cases involving children, who can be emotionally traumatized for years after a vicious dog bite attack.

The need for on-going and future medical care will also be taken into consideration when calculating the amount of compensation or an award by a jury.   The costs of plastic surgery to reduce or remove scars can also be included in a settlement or award.

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