Dog Bite Injuries Sustained by Police K-9 dogs

Law enforcement officials use trained dogs to help them do their job in tracking and apprehending a suspect. There are situations where a case can be brought by a victim of a dog bite caused by a K-9 police dog. These type of cases are complex and require an experienced dog bite attorney to investigate the facts of the circumstance to determine liability and if a case can be made.

Recently a Sacramento man evaded a police officer leading to a stand off.  The officer’s K-9 helped apprehend the man and in doing so caused some bite injuries. A video of the scene and attack can be found here. In this instance, the man evaded the officer and during a stand off was drinking and holding a gun to his head threatening to kill himself.  In this particular circumstance there is no liability for the injuries caused by the police dog under California Civil Code Section 3342.

Conversely, in a situation where a police K-9 attacks an innocent bystander or someone who is not a suspect, a claim can be made for the victims injuries and damages. For example, recently in Tracy, California, a teenage boy was walking home, when a K-9 police dog somehow got out of the parked patrol car, chased him and then attacked him. The dog knocked the boy down and dragged him by his arm until a bystander came to his rescue. The teen sustained major injuries.

Under California law, if you have suffered from dog bite injuries, you are entitled to recover compensation for your injuries and damages. If you have suffered from a dog bite, we urge you to seek medical attention immediately and then contact an experienced dog bite attorney at our office to find out your rights.

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