Dog Bite Claims in California Hit Record High

A report released that dog bite claims are on the rise across the states by 5.5 percent since last year and California is ranked the highest according to the Insurance Information Institute. California had the most claims last year at 1,919.

The study reported that in 2013, insurance companies in California paid out over $64 million in claims involving dog bites. California law holds dog owners 100% liable when their dog bites someone.

What is the definition of a dog bite in California?


The meaning of a dog bite can differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In California, the bite does not need to puncture the skin of a victim to make a claim. Absent a statute or ordinance defining dog bite, courts hold the standard meaning of “bite” “to seize with the teeth so that they enter, grip or wound”. The injury can be very minor to serious. If you have suffered from a dog bite of any kind, it is best to talk with an experienced Sacramento dog bite Attorney.

Common injures from dog bites range from bruises, nips and scrapes, to lacerations, puncture wounds, and tears that cause bleeding.

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