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Brentwood’s 8th Annual Delta Harvest Run 

Celebrate the approaching fall season bounty with the 8th annual Delta Harvest Run in Brentwood, California. The event will take place in the morning on Sunday, September 8. This all-inclusive family event will have multiple courses to ensure that everyone interested in participating can find a run that matches their own pace. People of all experience levels are invited to join, as there will be a 1-mile Fun Run, 5K, 10K, and a Half Marathon.

Brentwood Community Event Calendar

With the year already halfway over, we officially have only six months left of the 21st century. This news may be exciting, nerve-wracking, or even hard to process. Regardless of the feelings that have surfaced, you have the chance to use this news as an opportunity to check in with yourself: Have you been happy with the life you’ve lived the last six months? Is there anything you would change if given the opportunity to go back? Have you accomplished any personal goals you set out for yourself this year? If you feel like you could use a little more time for yourself and loved ones, this is the chance to reboot your 2019! Below are some upcoming events in Brentwood.

Art, Wine and Jazz Festival Returning to Brentwood

If you like the smooth melodies of jazz, the enriching taste of wine, and visually stimulating art – this event is exactly what you need. The Brentwood Art Society (BAS) and the City of Brentwood are coming together to start Summer 2019 off with a bang with the 17th annual Art, Wine & Jazz Festival. The festival will be hosted in downtown Brentwood from June 21 – 23.

Overturned Vehicle Accident in Brentwood

Earlier this month, an overturned vehicle accident in Brentwood left one man with minor injuries. The unidentified man overturned his Volvo SUV on Walnut Boulevard after losing control of the vehicle. The driver was alone in his car at the time of the accident, which was reported to emergency responders shortly after 6:00 p.m. It is still not known what caused the driver to lose control, and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is still investigating the accident. Fortunately, no other vehicles or persons were involved in the crash. The driver was hospitalized following the crash, however, he was released shortly and is reported to be in good condition.

March 2019 Brentwood Community Event Calendar

The city of Brentwood will be ever so slightly warming up this March, as compared to the previous month. Whereas the monthly average high and low of February in Brentwood was 61° / 42° Fahrenheit, March is expected to have an average high and low of 66° / 45° Fahrenheit. It still may be tempting to stay indoors this month, as it is expected to rain 7 days of the month. Although, when you live in a city with so many fun opportunities for social networking, how can you resist the temptation of new experiences? If you are going to be spending time in Brentwood this month and are looking for ways to fill up your calendar, look no further. Below is a list of just a few events of the many that are taking place this March.

Three cars were involved in a Brentwood collision on Sunday evening, January 13. The accident, which took place at the intersection of Marsh Creek Road and Walnut Boulevard, was believed to have been caused by one driver that ran a red light. Emergency responders were dispatched to the scene and assisted in transferring two injured people to nearby medical centers for treatment. No fatalities were reported.

Brentwood Intersection Accident Details

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Brentwood

The new year is coming up quickly, and officials at the Brentwood Police Department want their community to have a safe celebration. With that being said, they want to remind all Brentwood residents of the severe dangers affiliated with using fireworks and firearms on this worldwide celebrated holiday. Additionally, Brentwood police want to offer residents some safety tips that will guarantee a night of fun and self-protection. Continue reading below to see the safety tips regarding fireworks, gunfire, pets, and partying. Having fun while being responsible has never been made so easy.

Finished Highway 4 Project Should Reduce Traffic

Good news for all East County drivers that frequently travel through Highway 4: the Balfour Road interchange project that was announced in Spring 2017 has now been completed. One of the hopes for this project was that traffic in affected areas will be alleviated. During commuter hours, traffic can back up for over a mile at the four-way intersection. This signalized intersection has now been replaced by an interchange that will reduce traffic congestion and lead to fewer auto accidents.

Brentwood Receives Grant for Traffic Safety Enforcement

Brentwood drivers might be seeing a heavier patrol officer presence to ensure traffic law enforcement, thanks to the grant that was recently awarded to the Brentwood Police Department. The California Office of Traffic Safety approved a $70,000 grant to Brentwood police for a one-year public awareness and enforcement program. This grant is intent on deterring motorists from violating traffic laws and other unsafe driving habits.

Suspected DUI Driver Arrested in Brentwood — Six people were injured from two separate, State Route 4, accidents that took place near Brentwood on Sunday, November 4, 2018. Four of the six victims were critically injured and had to be airlifted to health centers for treatment. Their injuries range from moderate to life-threatening. The two car wrecks happened minutes apart and were allegedly caused by the same driver. The suspect, 33-year old Meagan Campbell from Discovery Bay, has been detained by California Highway Patrol (CHP) for a felony DUI.

State Route 4 Accident Details