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September 14, 2022
Edward Smith

Truck Crash on SR-4 and Sand Creek Road

On Monday, September 12, 2022, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District and the California Highway Patrol responded to a call of a truck crash on SR-4 and Sand Creek Road in Brentwood. The incident involved three vehicles and occurred around 5:00 a.m. on westbound State Route 4, CHP traffic officers reported.

Details on the Truck Crash on SR-4 and Sand Creek Road in Brentwood

A preliminary report revealed that three vehicles described as a big rig, a gray Hyundai Santa Fe, and a dark-colored Jeep were involved in a collision near a construction site. The Hyundai SUV was blocking the slow lane of westbound Highway 4 while the big rig was partially blocking the road, and the Jeep was in the center divider.

The incident resulted in a shutdown from debris on the road and officials to investigate. Medical crews were requested at the scene to provide assistance to injured parties. Details on how many people were injured in the truck accident on westbound Highway 4 in Brentwood and what led up to it were not immediately available.

What You Should Know About Commercial Truck Accident Cases

Personal injury cases involving negligent truck drivers, trucking companies, and other parties tend to be more challenging than claims involving passenger vehicles. That is because the trucking industry is regulated by many state and federal laws. Some of the reasons why these cases are complicated include:

  • Evidence: As with any case, the evidence must be gathered and preserved before it is lost or destroyed. Without evidence, it can be challenging to prove negligence for the incident, injuries, and resulting losses. Therefore, a letter of preservation of evidence must be sent to the trucking company and other parties that may have documentation in support of the incident and bodily injury claim.
  • Other Liable Parties: There is a wide array of companies involved in the trucking industry, some of which may bear liability for a semi-truck collision. Those may include the manufacturer of the truck, freight company, and more. An independent investigation of the incident and evidence is necessary to determine whose negligence played a role in the collision.
  • Insurance Company: Trucking companies must carry adequate bodily injury liability coverage limits in case they cause a crash with injuries. Given that the stakes are often high for big rig crashes, it is without a doubt that claims involving large commercial trucks will be handled differently by the insurance carrier. An experienced injury lawyer understands this and will be prepared with the resources and skills needed to successfully handle this type of case.

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Personal Injury Lawyer in Brentwood

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