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Carmichael Motorcycle Crash With Vehicle Results in Major Injuries

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June 09, 2024
Edward Smith

Rider Suffers Major Injuries in Carmichael Motorcycle Crash on Cash Court

A Carmichael motorcycle crash was reported on June 9 with a motor vehicle that caused major injuries. The collision happened at the Cash Court intersection with Hilltop Drive around 10:20 a.m. Emergency responders with the fire department were called to the scene, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) accident report. 

Rider Hospitalized After Carmichael Motorcycle Crash

The rider was determined to have suffered major injuries and was taken to a hospital for medical care. The CHP traffic collision unit is determining how the collision occurred and will assign fault. Information was not provided on whether the motor vehicle driver remained at the accident scene. 

Injury Claims Are Supported by Collision Evidence

Investigators are utilized by your motorcycle accident lawyer to ascertain fault and the causes of the accident. If evidence indicates that the motorist was negligent, they can be held liable for damages in a major motorcycle injury accident. The lawyer representing the injured party, who has incurred medical expenses and other losses due to their Carmichael motorcycle crash, can negotiate with the responsible driver’s insurance company. If you are injured in an accident, an accident attorney can help you seek justice.

Recovering Compensation With the Assistance of an Injury Lawyer

An injury lawyer can help you recover various damages following a Carmichael motorcycle crash with injuries. Your lawyer will explain the process of filing a personal injury claim, protect your rights throughout the process, and handle negotiations with the at-fault party’s insurance company. Hiring an injury lawyer can enable you to obtain the compensation needed to cover your losses, allowing you to focus on your recovery without additional stress.

Recoverable Damages From Motorcycle Accidents

Understanding the damages that may be recoverable after a motorcycle accident with major injuries caused by another’s negligence is the first step in obtaining compensation. Among the losses that can result from injuries are:

  • Medical expenses: Any medical expenses associated with the injury, including surgical procedures, doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription medications, are recoverable.
  • Lost wages: Workers who have missed work due to an injury can recover lost wages and future earnings if the injury extends beyond the settlement period. Your injury lawyer can calculate future costs if the trauma continues.
  • Loss of consortium: The injured spouse or partner may claim companionship, consortium, and emotional support damages.
  • Pain and suffering: Various types of pain and suffering damages can be recovered, including physical discomfort, emotional trauma, and mental anguish.
  • Loss of enjoyment: Compensation for the loss of enjoyment of life activities, such as hobbies and recreational activities, due to your injury can be sought.

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Carmichael Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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