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Stockton Big Rig Collision With Motorcycle Causes Rider Fatality

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July 01, 2024
Edward Smith

Motorcycle Rider Dies in Stockton Big Rig Collision on S.R. 4

A big rig collision in Stockton involving a motorcyclist caused the rider’s death on June 28. The collision occurred along State Route 4 at the Gillis Road intersection just after 5:00 p.m., according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) report. The rider was initially reported as having suffered a major injury but died from the trauma at the accident scene. The CHP traffic detectives are conducting an investigation to find out why the accident happened and to assign the fault.

Investigation of a Stockton Big Rig Collision That Kills a Motorcyclist

A lawyer holds the critical responsibility of investigating the causes behind a Stockton big rig fatal crash involving a motorcyclist to secure wrongful death compensation for the family of the deceased. Their proactive approach includes:

  • Collecting evidence: Investigators for your attorney collect evidence at the scene such as road marks, paint and dropped metal pieces of the vehicles and photograph everything. While there, they look for video cameras, such as from traffic lights, businesses and homes, that might have captured the Stockton big rig collision on tape.
  • Analyzing evidence: Scrutinizing the collected evidence to uncover the factors leading to the crash, including road conditions, vehicle defects, or negligence by the truck driver or their employer.
  • Interviewing witnesses: Conducting direct interviews to gain deeper insights into the crash’s circumstances.
  • Conducting accident reconstruction: Mapping out the accident shows how the vehicles were positioned before, during and after the Stockton big rig collision. Evidence of this type is widely accepted both by insurance companies and when presented in civil court.
  • Collaborating with experts: Working with accident reconstruction experts to recreate and understand the incident accurately in complex scenarios.

This investigation enables the lawyer to devise a strategic plan, whether it involves filing an insurance claim or initiating legal proceedings against the responsible parties.

Compensation in Motorcyclist Fatalities in a Stockton Big Rig Collision

When pursuing a wrongful death claim following a motorcycle accident, the law allows estate administrators or immediate family members, such as spouses, putative spouses, children, or, in their absence, parents and siblings, to seek justice. Only a single consolidated claim is allowed. Potential compensations include:

  • Funeral and burial expenses: Compensation covers the costs of these essential services.
  • Lost earnings: Compensation for the potential earnings of the deceased up to their expected retirement is recovered, including usual benefits and bonuses.
  • Loss of consortium: For spouses, compensation acknowledges the loss of companionship and support.
  • Loss of guidance and nurturing: For children, recognizing the irreplaceable role of the deceased results in compensation.
  • Household services: Reimbursement for the value of household services that the deceased would have provided is possible.

Through these steps, a lawyer not only establishes fault but also ensures that the family of the deceased receives the compensation they deserve for their tragic loss.

Watch as accident attorney Ed Smith gives an in-depth overview of wrongful death lawsuits:


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