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Injured Worker's
A West Sacramento Construction Worker Injured

The injury occurred at a Yolo County water intake facility on July 21, 2015.  The construction site is located at: 18157 County Road 117 in West Sacramento, California.

The man was working 40 or so feet below ground in an enclosed area when a metal object from up above came falling down on him.  The size and weight of the metal object was not available.  The object hit the worker him severe pain.  He had injuries to his back and ribs.

Precautions Against Danger Of Trench Collapse

Construction workers have a difficult job and are exposed to risks daily while on the job.

Excavation worker’s in particular have a peculiar risk of harm.  When they are working below ground level and involved in excavating trenches, there is always the danger of a trench collapse. To protect against risks, workers much be trained on how and why accidents occur on job sites.  They must also be taught what can be done ahead of time to take precautions against trench failure.  Various methods exist to eliminate and reduce the risk of injury by trench collapse.