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July 23, 2015
Edward Smith

Injured Worker's

A West Sacramento Construction Worker Injured

The injury occurred at a Yolo County water intake facility on July 21, 2015.  The construction site is located at: 18157 County Road 117 in West Sacramento, California.

The man was working 40 or so feet below ground in an enclosed area when a metal object from up above came falling down on him.  The size and weight of the metal object was not available.  The object hit the worker him severe pain.  He had injuries to his back and ribs.


Story Originally Reported as a Fall

Construction accidents can be catastrophic as we all know.  This accident was first reported in error as a man falling 40 feet into a hole by a local news agency.  We are so happy to learn that this information was in error.  The man did not fall 40 feet into a hole.  He was already in the hole working 40 feet below ground.  Some details were not readily available.  Like what fell on him and what the object weighed.

The good news is that the West Sacramento construction worker injured was helped quickly.   A crane already in use at the construction site helped speed up the rescue process.  Workers were able to quickly get him out from his location below ground.  This saved a lot of valuable time!

The West Sacramento construction worker injured was transported to UC Davis Medical Center.  The Edward A Smith Law Offices wish him a full and speedy recovery.

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