California Records Highest Number of Pedestrian Deaths

I’m Ed Smith, a Pedestrian accident lawyer serving the Elk Grove and Sacramento community. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are becoming more and more common. A common way pedestrians get hit by cars in Elk Grove and Sacramento are when drivers are backing up. Making U-turns, as well as left and right turns are quite common. Another factor to consider is driver distraction. Driver distraction includes cell phone use, texting, or even applying makeup while driving down our roadways. Unfortunately, these behaviors sometimes go unnoticed by law enforcement. What is worse is that driver inattentiveness is causing more and more pedestrian injuries and deaths than we realize.

For two years in a row, California maxed out with the country’s greatest number of pedestrian deaths, new statistics have revealed. As many as 700 pedestrians sustained fatal injuries in vehicle accidents in California in 2014, according to preliminary statistics released by Governors Highway Safety Association.

Sacramento Resident hit by car while crossing the street to her apartment

It is easy to see how California records highest number of pedestrian deaths. It seems like the news is consistently reporting on pedestrian injuries and fatalities. On Sunday, November 29, 2015, the news reported a vehicle versus pedestrian accident as a woman was crossing a street near her home. California Highway Patrol says a 37-year old woman was hit and killed as she was crossing Marconi and Fulton Avenue. This tragedy occurred right in front of the apartment where the woman lived. It is a painful reminder of how we can be living our lives one moment, and be gone the next. This is a painful reality check. One that reminds us that pedestrians should be extra cautious at all times. Continue reading

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CHP Rescues Elk Grove Family

I’m Ed Smith, an Elk Grove Personal injury lawyer. A remarkable rescue took place in El Dorado County over the weekend. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) saved a family from plunging off the side of a cliff on Sunday, November 29, 2015. The frightening incident took place in icy terrain near Junction Reservoir in El Dorado County. The location is just off Ice House Road, north of Highway 50.

Details of a CHP rescue mission

A family of five kids and a dad found themselves in big trouble in the high country. This family was in dire need of a rescue from the California Highway Patrol. CHP Sgt. Robert Nevins, explains that there was about a 300 foot drop off of an embankment that the truck nearly slid off of. He said the truck’s rear tire was only about 12-inches away from the edge of the icy cliff. Officer Ronald Ellison deployed straps to tether the Dodge Ram pick up truck to a nearby tree. Meanwhile, CHP Helicopter Pilot, Monte Emery, hovered over the scene. The pilot could not land because of power lines, thick trees and icy terrain. The driver had been applying pressure to the brakes to keep from going over the side of the cliff. Eventually, a tow truck was dispatched to the remote location to pull the truck out. The helicopter pilot was able to help rescue workers find the isolated location.

Gone Fishing

The family had gone fishing at Junction Reservoir when they got stuck in the icy winter terrain. Thanks to team work in the air and on the ground, CHP rescues Elk Grove family from being stranded overnight in subzero weather.

Ed Smith is top-rated Elk Grove Personal Injury Lawyer. Below are some safety reminders for travelling in the high country during the winter:

  1. Be prepared.
  2. Travel with a full tank of gas.
  3. Have plenty of food and water in your vehicle.
  4. Pack blankets and warm clothing.
  5. Leave your travel itinerary with a trusted friend or family member.

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Source: KCRA 3 News – 6PM Broadcast of November 30, 2015

Photo Attribution: Wikimedia Commons Public Domain Uploaded by: ShakataGaNai

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Car Crash Kills Rancho Cordova Man

I’m Ed Smith, a Rancho Cordova personal injury attorney. A 28-year-old man lost his life over the Thanksgiving weekend in what appears to be a solo car crash in the city of Sacramento.

According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the man was driving along a transition road that connects southbound Highway 5 to eastbound I-80 just before 5:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 28, 2015.  As he approached the on ramp to Interstate 80, he lost control of his vehicle. His car then hit a traffic sign and careened down an embankment. It came to rest up against a tree at the driver’s side door.  The man, who wasn’t wearing his seat belt, sustained fatal injuries as a result of the impact.

Hit-and-Run Crashes

In some solo traffic accidents there may have been a phantom vehicle involved. Sometimes a hit-and-run situation may have occurred where the driver did not stop because he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol or perhaps he was texting. It takes the trained eye of an experienced auto accident attorney to determine if this situation exists. Sometimes an officer responding to a traffic collision fails to uncover important evidence that reveals another vehicle may have been involved. In these instances, a traffic collision report may even be wrong.

Ed Smith, is a Rancho Cordova Hit and Run Lawyer. I have been helping injured victims of hit and run drivers in the Rancho Cordova community for over three decades.

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Photo Attribution: “Melancholys Warm Embrace” by Andrew Mason from London, UK – Melancholys Warm Embrace. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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New Wireless Implant May Help Elk Grove Veterans with Brain Injuries

I’m Ed Smith, a Brain Injury Lawyer serving Elk Grove. One of the more common causes of traumatic brain injuries in Elk Grove residents is the car accident. However, recently, brain trauma suffered by combat-wounded veterans has come to light as increasing numbers of brain-related issues are being reported to VA hospitals. More and more soldiers are coming forward with reports of depression, PTSD, hallucinations, paranoia, and even more serious brain disorders such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and permanent disability. The VA hospital and military have been criticized for brushing traumatic brain injuries under the rug and largely ignoring the problem.

Long-term mental affects after bomb blasts

Public outcry has lead to a recent influx in the number of studies conducted on combat-wounded veterans. Recent studies have shown that veterans who were injured by blasts caused by detonating bombs suffer long-term mental affects. During a blast, the vibration of the blast, as well as the loud sound, can cause the brain to vibrate in the skull. In minor cases, this leads to a headache. However, in more severe cases, the soldier’s brain may swell. In addition, if a soldier is thrown during a blast and hits his head, he can suffer a concussion. In the past, the military minimized the effects of concussions. However, research has now shown that concussions, especially those associated with blasts, lead to a range of long-term effects. Continue reading

August 21, 2014 is a date that forever changed the lives of parents whose infant son died while at his daycare center.  This tragic wrongful death that occurred at a daycare does shed light on a practice that some parents and daycare providers practice that can have deadly results.  In Webster Grove, Missouri a 7 month old infant was found dead under a weighted blanket.

A weighted blanked  is a blanket that has items such as flax seed, beans, poly pellets or other items sewn between the fabric. Some blankets are a DIY home project while others are prescribed or obtained from medical equipment vendor.

For some adults or special needs individuals, a weighted blanket has been said to calm the anxious and distressed.  Some medical providers  have recommended such a blanket for adults who have medical conditions such as restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy, night terrors or sleep apnea. Some medical providers encourage the use of such a blanket with children.  In the case of children, it is usually because the child suffers from a sensory processing issues as do autistic children and others with special needs.

In the Webster Groves incident, the day care provider used a white noise machine and weighted blanket while the 7 month infant napped.  While napping, the child rolled onto his abdomen.  The child’s position and the added weight placed on him by the weighted blanket led to his premature death.  The weighted blanket used was 4 pound 8 ounces.   In addition to the use of the blanket, the day care admitted to not checking up on the child after he fell asleep. Had this occurred, the child may have been helped by re-positioning him.

While the use of a weighted blanket may be prescribed for a child with special needs, most websites selling the product or addressing the use of this item for a special needs child, carry a warning such as the following one found on the site ‘All Children do not have the same sensory integration needs. Weighted blankets should be used under the direction and advice of a healthcare professional or licensed therapist and should be used while under adult supervision.’ Another website, states regarding the blankets on their site, ‘Each therapeutic blanket is designed and tested by an occupational therapist to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed across the body to maximize comfort.’

Why these advisory warnings?  A medical provider needs to take into consideration the age, height, and weight of the individual so that the weighted blanket being used is appropriate to the size of the individual using it.  Weight distribution of the weighted blanket is also a concern for medical providers.  As seen in the case of this infant, if a weighted blanket is too heavy, an infant can  suffocate or can be at a heightened risk to die of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Parents expect that their day care providers will provide reasonable supervision while the children are in their possession, both when the children are awake or asleep. Both parents and day care providers recognize that infants are at risk of either injury or death while napping.  Infants are at a greater risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, suffocation or asphyxiation.

Cribs at day care centers should be free of objects that could present a choking or suffocation hazard to the infant.  Day care providers should consult with parents prior to using devices such as a weighted blanket on a child when such an item has not been specifically authorized or provided by a medical professional and/or provided by the parent themselves.

The sudden and unexpected wrongful death of a child alters families forever.  I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Wrongful Death Lawyer.  I have worked with many grieving families after the loss of their child.  My website provides some resources that can help families with the grieving process.

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Every day, massive 18-wheelers rumble through Elk Grove on some of California’s famed freeways. Due to lax safety regulations, hiring standards, and oversight, truck drivers are responsible for a large proportion of all vehicular accidents in Elk Grove. While federal regulators are hard at work on cracking down on a broken trucking industry, Congress, funded by wealthy trucking companies and lobbyists, resists revising laws to provide greater protection to car drivers, passengers, bikers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Truck accident fatalities are on the rise nationwide. The number of deaths has risen exponentially in the past decade, thanks in large part to Congress’s refusal to honor recommendations to reform the trucking industry. Between 2009 and 2013, the number of truck accident deaths increased by 17%, hitting a high of 3,964 in 2013. Trucks account for less than 10% of vehicles on the road, yet they are involved in over 12% of all fatal crashes (and 25% of all fatal crashes in construction zones).

Car accidents in the Elk Grove region, as well as across the country, have dropped due to technological improvements and stricter safety regulations. However, the same cannot be said for truck accidents. The trucking industry is an incredibly profitable industry. Trucking companies have the resources and funds to pay for expensive and elaborate lobbying campaigns designed to pressure Congress.

In the past year, Congress has focused on passing a highway bill, though it is currently stymied because the House and Senate cannot agree on a final version. The highway bill would cover truck driver requirements and restrictions. Congress has thus far avoided passing a comprehensive highway bill since 2009, instead simply extending the old version of the bill. However, the increase in deaths, coupled with the increase in technological advancements, has forced Congress to respond with a new bill.

The New York Times recently wrote a scathing article of the trucking industry, highlighting comedian Tracy Morgan’s disastrous crash as an example of why reform is so crucial. Morgan and others were traveling through a construction zone at less than 10 MPH in a limo. A truck driver of an 18-wheeler from Walmart was also driving the same route. The driver had been driving for 28 hours at that point with no rest or sleep. Due to the construction zone, the speed limit on the turnpike was reduced, but the truck driver ignored the signs and warnings. Morgan’s limo stopped in traffic, and the truck driver, following behind, was unable to stop in time. Tracy Morgan was severely injured, and others in his limo were killed. An investigation into the crash revealed that the truck driver was exhausted and overworked, leading to the negligent accident.

Technological advancements, to be discussed further in another post on Elk Grove truck accidents, could have helped prevent the tragic accident. For instance, anti-lock brakes, airbags, and electronic stability control come standard in most cars, but the trucking industry has managed to avoid laws requiring installation in trucks. The trucking industry is currently lobbying Congress for longer work weeks and larger trucks in order to decrease freight costs. Congress is considering these requests in its highway bill.

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Rancho Cordova Hit and Run Accident

Hit and Run Traffic Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Rancho Cordova Hit and Run Injury Lawyer. Having a car accident is stressful by itself. When the other party fails to stop at the accident scene the situation is made much worse. If a party to a traffic accident fails to stop it is called hit and run. Hit and run collisions may vary from bodily injury, property damage and even death.

There are many reasons a driver may fail to stop at an accident scene. It may be fear, driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and or a lack of car insurance. Failing to stop after being involved in a car crash is a crime. It does not matter why you didn’t stop.

Listed below are laws that apply in California hit and run car accidents:

Duty to Stop at the Scene of a Traffic Collision [California Vehicle Code Section 20001]. The driver of any car that becomes involved in a traffic accident which causes injury to another person (besides herself or himself) or in the death of another person shall stop immediately at the scene and fulfill requirements listed in CVC 20003-20004. (See below).

Permissible Action. Duty when property is damaged [California Vehicle Code Section 20002]. The driver of any car that gets in an accident which results only in damage to property, including cars, may go ahead and move the car, if it is possible. The car may be moved off the main lanes of roadway and into a safe spot immediately within the location of the accident. Unless doing so would cause an injury to a person or create a hazard on the roadway. Moving a car within the specifications of this section does not affect the question of fault.

Duty when someone is injured or dies  [California Vehicle Code Section 20003]. The driver of any car that gets in an accident which results in injury to any person, or death to any person, shall give his or her information to the person hit or the driver or to the people in the car of any vehicle collided with. Information shall also be given to any police officer or traffic officer at the location of the accident. Information to be exchanged: name and address of the registered owner of the vehicle, registration number of the vehicle involved in accident, name and address of driver and occupants in the vehicle. Additionally, the driver shall give reasonable assistance to any person injured in the traffic accident including transportation (or making arrangements for transportation) of any injured victim to a doctor, surgeon, or hospital for treatment when it is apparent that medical treatment is necessary or when the injured victim requests help obtaining medical treatment.

Duty upon death [California Vehicle Code Section 20004]. In the unfortunate event of death of any person that results from a traffic accident, the driver of any motor vehicle involved, shall after fulfilling stated requirements of this section, and if there is no police or traffic officer at the accident scene to give this information to as required by CVC 20003, shall, without delaying, report the traffic accident to the nearest California Highway Patrol (CHP) office or duly authorized agent of a police department. In the report, provide all information required by CVC 20003.

Rancho Cordova hit and run accidents happen not only to motorists but also to bicyclists and pedestrians as well. Having an experienced attorney on your side in these types of cases may improve your chances of receiving a favorable outcome. Did you know that even when a bicyclist is injured or pedestrian is injured by a hit and run driver you may be able to recover on your uninsured motorist insurance? Generally, so long as the bicyclist or pedestrian that gets hit has uninsured motorist insurance coverage on his or her own vehicle or someone else in the bicyclist’s or pedestrian’s household has uninsured motorist insurance coverage, the bicyclist/pedestrian will normally be covered by that policy.

I’m Ed Smith, a Rancho Cordova Hit and Run Lawyer. I have been helping victims seriously injured in auto accidents involving hit and run drivers in the Rancho Cordova area for over 30 years.

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Photo Attribution:  Courtesy of Rancho Cordova Police Department [Public Domain Website]

As a Sacramento Brain Injury Attorney, as well as a Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, I am frequently asked by both clients and non-clients alike about what to expect if asked to give a deposition.

You may, or may not be a Justin Bieber fan.  I personally like Jackie Greene and Mumbo Gumbo.  But you should definitely not be a fan of Justin Bieber’s deposition style!

How to Prepare for a Deposition

Your deposition, properly given, can go a long way in assisting your attorney in handling your case, either by way of settling or at the trial. What you do at the deposition can help or hurt you, depending upon your attitude, truthfulness and appearance.


A deposition is the taking of testimony under oath. It is just like trial testimony, except that it is not taken in court and there is no judge or jury present. Your testimony at a deposition becomes a permanent part of the record of your case. Depositions are taken in order to find out what witnesses know, and to establish as many facts as possible before trial.

Don’t worry, your attorney will undoubtedly meet with you ahead of time to go over these rules as well as the facts of your case.


You will be asked questions about yourself and the facts in your case by the attorney or attorneys for the other parties in your case, or in some cases, by your own attorney. The questions and your answers will be taken down by an official court reporter.  After the deposition, the reporter will transcribe the testimony to a written transcript and it will become a permanent
record in the case. If your attorney tells you that your deposition will be video taped, there will also be a camera recording the proceeding. If it will be taped, you should not wear white clothes, as they tend to not photograph, or appear on video, well.


You should remember that usually the first opportunity that the opposing attorney has to see you comes at the time of your deposition. First impressions are certainly important. You should strive to make a good impression upon the opposing lawyer and his or her client, and you should appear at the deposition dressed as you would expect to dress if you were actually going to court to appear before the judge or jury .

Dress conservatively, i.e., business casual.
Avoid extreme styles of clothing, etc.
Small children who are not a party to the lawsuit should not be brought to the deposition unless requested to do so by your attorney.
Treat all persons in the deposition room with respect.
Come prepared to exhibit any and all injuries that you have suffered, assuming the case involves a personal injury.
Have with you the facts and figures with respect to your time lost from work, amount of wages lost, doctor bills, hospital bills, and all other facts with respect to the damages caused as a result of your injury.  Again, this is specific to personal injury cases.
Consider this an important and solemn occasion, and avoid “getting chummy” with the opposing lawyer or his or her client.


DO take your time. No need to rush. DO speak clearly.
DO relax.
DO answer all questions directly, giving concise answers to the questions, and TRY NOT TO RAMBLE. DO answer all questions audibly, i.e., do not an­swer by gesturing.
DO stick to the facts, and testify to only that which you have personal knowledge of. Do testify only to “basic facts” and do not attempt to give opinions of estimates or time and distance
unless you have good reasons for knowing such matters.

DO NOT lose you temper.
DO NOT answer any questions that you do not understand, ask that it be explained.


Probably most important of all, TELL THE TRUTH!

Do not try to determine whether a truthful answer will help or hinder your case. It is your lawyer’s job to deal with the facts in your case. You will only hurt your case by trying to do your lawyer’s job.


If you don’t know, admit it. Never state as fact a thing you don’t know for sure is true.  If you do not know the answer to a question, you should simply say “I don’t know”.  You may feel that this will make you appear ignorant or evasive, but remember that if you try to estimate or guess and are later proved to be wrong, It will look like you deliberately told a lie or that you don’t know what you are talking about. Remember that no one knows everything.

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Attorney, as well as a Sacramento Brain Injury Lawyer, with a comprehensive accident related website,

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California Bicycle Safety and the “Three Foot Law”

California in general and Davis in particular have been at the cutting-edge of bicycle safety for decades. In fact, some of the bicyclist-friendly infrastructure now commonplace in many cities was introduced in Davis nearly 50 years ago. These infrastructure improvements were adopted primarily to make city streets more accessible and safer for bicyclists. Last year, California once again demonstrated its commitment to bicyclist safety by recently enacting the “Three-Foot-Law,” commonly referred to as “Give Me Three.”

What is “Give Me Three”?

The new “Give Me Three” law requires motorists to give three feet of clearance to bicyclists when the motorist is passing the bicyclist. Three feet is approximately the size of a car door. The three feet of clearance mandated by the law is designed to protect bicyclists from being clipped or struck by a motor vehicle. The law is intended to apply regardless of whether the bicyclist is riding in a designated bike lane. Motorists who are observed violating the “Give Me Three” law can be cited and required to pay a fine.

“Give Me Three”: The Focus is Safety

 The overarching purpose of the 3-foot-law is to place a safe distance between bicyclists and motor vehicles when motor vehicles are overtaking a bicyclist. A motor vehicle that strikes a bicyclist from behind can send the bicyclist flying off his or her bike, causing catastrophic (or even fatal) injuries. Similarly, a motorist who pulls back in front of a bicyclist with insufficient clearance can clip the bicycle, causing injury to the rider.

“Give Me Three” Imposes Duties on Motorists

 The new “Give Me Three” law imposes affirmative obligations on motorists, not on bicyclists. In other words, while a motorist must make sure that his or her actions comply with the law, bicyclists do not need to obey the three-foot-rule. For example, a car approaching a bicyclist riding in a bike lane must give three feet of clearance to the bicyclist when passing the bicyclist. If the car stops at a stoplight or stop sign and the bicyclist goes to pass the car, the bicyclist does not need to give three feet of clearance to the motorist. However, a bicyclist who fails to give sufficient clearance to a car and contributes to a bicycle crash may be precluded from seeking compensation from the motorist (or may have any monetary damages award significantly reduced).

What if My Bicycle Crash is Caused by a Motorist Who Violates the 3-Foot-Law?

 A motorist who causes a bicycle crash because he or she did not follow the 3-Foot-Rule may be found to have acted negligently or carelessly. This can make the motorist liable for paying the bicyclist compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other losses and expenses the bicyclist experiences. Proving that the motorist did not give the proper clearance may be complicated and require the use of:

  • Eyewitness testimony from other drivers, bicyclists, or pedestrians who observed the crash and who can testify as to the amount of clearance the motorist provided;
  • Photographs taken by law enforcement or reports from law enforcement, which often include rough diagrams and notations or photographs of skid marks and the final resting place of the bicycle and motor vehicle. This information can be used by engineers or reconstruction experts to suggest the amount of distance between the motor vehicle and the bicycle.

How a Davis Bicycle Accident Lawyer Can Help

I’m Ed Smith, and I am a Davis bicycle accident attorney who has significant experience in helping injured bicyclists in California recover compensation for injuries they sustain in bicycle crashes. I will thoroughly investigate the reason or cause of your bicycle crash, including determining whether the motorist violated the 3-Foot-Law. Call my office, the Law Offices of Edward Smith, for assistance today at (916) 921-6400.

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File:Carter, Skarlatos, Stone, Sadler.jpg

Rancho Cordova honors hometown hero, Anthony Sadler.  Mr. Sadler is the gentleman pictured at the far right in the photo above. Being honored is becoming a regular event for Sadler and his two friends.  Sadler, was one of three hero’s on a high-speed train to Paris back in August.  As you will recall, the Sacramento-area trio, bravely working together, stopped a crazed gunman from carrying out what could have been a horrible massacre. Anthony Sadler’s parents were included in the honors recently.

A Special Tie to Rancho Cordova

Sadler and his parents are longtime Rancho Cordova residents.  The family has called Rancho Cordova home for over 15 years. Recently, Anthony with his parents by his side, led the pledge of allegiance at Rancho Cordova’s City Hall. In a celebratory and proud moment, the Sadler’s received the keys to the city.

The Paris Cafe Shooting Incident

Due to the recent and tragic events at a Paris Cafe and Concert Hall, the Sadler family quickly downplayed their celebration.  The family, taking the focus off themselves, encouraged the public to remember the lives lost in this recent tragedy. Sadler explained how hard it was to see footage of the recent shooting. He was deeply saddened that this could happen in Paris so soon after what he and his friends did this past summer to prevent a similar massacre.

Continue reading