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Helping Auto Accident Victims

I’m Ed Smith, a Grass Valley auto accident attorney. Witnessing a vehicle accident take place first-hand requires that you stay cool, collected and calm under chaotic circumstances. What course of action you take largely depends on the extent of the injuries and the severity of the accident you witness. Below I will go over some things to keep in mind so you can be better prepared to help your fellow motorists until the first responders arrive on the scene.

Fun Things to do in Grass Valley-Nevada City

Things You Can Do in Grass Valley-Nevada City

Any time you head over to the Grass Valley and Nevada City area of California, you will want to find things to do. Whether you go there for vacation or it is close to where you live, you are waiting and excited to find some new activity or opportunity. This area is full of options like that, too. You can go out into trails, go camping, see history, become part of events, and live a grand life. It gives you everything that you love about California, just condensed into a single area. From big-city amenities and entertainment to the wonderful outdoors, you have it here. Anyone can come and experience it personally, too.

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