Big Rig Crash Fatality on Brennan Road in San Joaquin County

Truck Accident Fatality on Brennan Road

The California Highway Patrol reported a fatality in a truck versus vehicle accident on Brennan Road in San Joaquin County on October 14, 2023. The crash occurred in the area of Brennan Road and Arthur Road at around 11:00 p.m.

Details on the Truck Accident Fatality on Brennan Road

CHP traffic officers were notified of a crash between a passenger vehicle and a semi-truck in the area. Officials at the scene located a 2015 Dodge Dart and a 2013 Peterbilt truck. The truck driver, a 39-year-old Modesto man, had complaints of pain following the collision. Sadly, the Dodge driver was declared deceased at the crash site.

A preliminary investigation indicated that the Peterbilt and the Dodge Dart were involved in a collision at the intersection. The right rear tires of the big rig allegedly collided with the driver’s side of the passenger vehicle. Both vehicles were traveling at a rate of approximately 55 mph, authorities said. Additional information on the incident was not released due to an ongoing investigation.

How a Wrongful Death Claim Helps Surviving Family Members

While no one should seek to profit from an unjust and unexpected loss of life, no family should be left behind to deal with the emotional and financial hardship caused by a loved one’s wrongful death. As such, it is essential to hold the opposing party accountable, seek compensation for damages, and obtain justice on behalf of the lost family member. A successful wrongful death case may provide surviving family members with the acknowledgment that the fatal incident should not have occurred and compensation to protect the family from financial harm.

In most cases, an experienced California wrongful death lawyer can negotiate a reasonable settlement agreement with the insurance carrier representing the at-fault party. If all attempts at a mutual agreement and persuading the opposing party to do what is right for surviving family members have been exhausted, an attorney can take the case to court to meet the client’s right to financial compensation and answers. It is essential to recognize that California has established a two-year statute of limitations, or filing deadline, on these matters. This is further outlined in CCP 335.1.

You must be a member of the decedent’s immediate family to file a wrongful death case in California. Priority for filing is generally limited to the deceased’s children, domestic partner, or spouse. If the decedent is not survived by these relatives, there may be exceptions to the filing criteria. An experienced and knowledgeable California wrongful death attorney can review your potential case in detail and determine your eligibility for filing. What is particularly useful about working with a lawyer is that most offer free case reviews and operate on contingency, like ours at

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The wrongful death claims process and building a strong case may be difficult and time-consuming. This is especially true when the case is disputed, as most are, particularly those arising from fatal commercial truck accidents. In these matters, there are often multiple defendants, which may further complicate the process. That is why it is recommended to retain experienced legal counsel. Our legal team at can do all the work necessary to obtain maximum compensation after a loved one’s wrongful death. We are here to simplify the process and allow you the time to focus on healing and grief.

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