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Motorcyclist Struck By Train After Being Thrown Onto the Tracks at 24th Street 

A train accident in Oakland on September 16 took the life of a motorcyclist after they were involved in a crash and thrown onto the tracks. The accident happened near the Oakland underground tunnel at 24th and Northgate Avenue around 4:00 p.m., according to the Oakland Police Department, which said they received several phone calls about the collision. A BART representative on Twitter said the rider struck the right-of-way barrier and was thrown onto the tracks, where they were struck by the train and killed. 

Accident Near Highway 65 Involving Train Collision Occurs at Uncontrolled Crossing

A train collision with a pickup southeast of Yuba City resulted in the deaths of two people on August 21. The crash occurred in a rural area of Yuba County on a private road close to Highway 65 and Dairy Road at around 1: 00 in the afternoon. The driver of the pickup in question was attempting to cross the railroad tracks in a Chevy Silverado at the time the fatal crash occurred at a crossing that was uncontrolled. 

Train Accidents Caused by Negligence

Amtrak train accidents have been in the news lately, with the most recent being one in Missouri. The crash occurred recently in a rural area of the state and involved the Amtrak train and a dump truck. Four people died in the collision, including the dump truck driver and three passengers on the train, and somewhere around 150 people were injured, with a number of them hospitalized. Although the train was speeding along at 90 mph, the dump truck driver is being blamed for the accident. 

Train Accident in San Bruno Area Involves Work Truck

A commuter train accident in the San Francisco bay area caused 13 injuries on March 10 after it crashed into a construction truck and caught fire. The accident happened in the San Bruno area sometime after 10:30 a.m. when the Caltrain commuter No. 506 struck a work truck equipped with a crane. A huge explosion occurred when they collided, sending flames and smoke erupting. 

Van Driver Seriously Injured in Train Accident

A serious injury to a driver occurred in Sacramento on February 7 after their vehicle was struck in a train accident. The accident happened around 2:45 in the morning at the railroad crossing along Elder Creek Road, which is between Florin Perkins and Power Inn roads. Officers with the Sacramento Police Department and emergency fire department personnel arrived at the scene to discover that a white Ford cargo van had been struck broadside by a train operated by the Union Pacific Railroad.

Two Trains Given Permission to be on Main Track Before Head-On Crash

A report on the head-on collision between two Sacramento Regional Transit trains on August 22 was released by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on October 30. The preliminary report explained why the collision occurred that injured 27 people with 13 taken to the hospital. The accident happened at Roseville Road and Marconi Avenue in Sacramento near the Winter Street rail station. The NTSB report stressed that additional train movements were authorized by the SacRT Metro Control Center. SacRT said it would quickly implement any changes recommended by the NTSB.

Sacramento Train Derailment Injures 27

A train derailment occurred in the evening hours of August 22 in Sacramento when a light-rail collided with a maintenance train near the station at Winter Street. The area where the accident occurred is parallel to Del Paso Park and Roseville Road. The crash was reported to have caused harm to 27 people, including two who were described as having moderate injuries. Thirteen people were transported to area hospitals, while the remainder were treated by emergency medical personnel at the accident scene. One of those taken to the hospital was an employee of Regional Transit and was said to have suffered a leg injury. 

Train Accident Sacramento

Sacramento Train Crash. A  Sacramento train crash occurred when a freight train hit a motor vehicle in Midtown on October 11. The accident snarled traffic in the vicinity of O Street between 19th and 20th, according to a spokesman for the Sacramento Police Department. The crash happened at about 3:20 p.m. when the eastbound train hit a vehicle that, according to the driver, had backed onto the tracks. The motor vehicle, a white Lexus, was hit in the rear. The driver suffered injuries that have been described by authorities as non-life threatening. There is no further word on the woman’s condition at the time of this report.

Further Details of the Sacramento train crash

Accident In West Sacramento

Man Killed in West Sacramento Train Accident

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento train accident lawyer. An accident involving an Amtrak train and pedestrian occurred in West Sacramento on March 4 in which the pedestrian died. The Union Pacific Railroad and Sacramento police are investigating the accident as to cause.

File:NTSB 2015 Philadelphia train derailment 3.jpg

Fatalities After Amtrak Train Derailment

I’m Ed Smith, a Train Accident Lawyer in Sacramento. A tragic accident unfolded this morning during a Washington Amtrak train’s first trip along a newly constructed route in the Seattle metropolitan area. Reports indicated that at least six people are confirmed to have been killed in the incident, with over 70 injured and transported to local hospitals.

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