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Sacramento Driver in Train Accident Hospitalized

Van Driver Seriously Injured in Train Accident

A serious injury to a driver occurred in Sacramento on February 7 after their vehicle was struck in a train accident. The accident happened around 2:45 in the morning at the railroad crossing along Elder Creek Road, which is between Florin Perkins and Power Inn roads. Officers with the Sacramento Police Department and emergency fire department personnel arrived at the scene to discover that a white Ford cargo van had been struck broadside by a train operated by the Union Pacific Railroad.

Driver Hospitalized After Train Accident

The impact of the collision pushed the van a long distance down the track where it trapped the driver after going down an embankment. The van was so damaged that the driver had to be extricated. The driver was then transported to a hospital for treatment, however, was reported later as being in stable condition. No injuries were reported to those on the train. The accident is under investigation to determine how the crash happened.

Accidents Between Trains and Motor Vehicles

The Department of Transportation reports that there are around 5,800 collisions between motor vehicles and trains annually. Most of the injuries and fatalities occur at railroad crossings. Injuries are often serious and require extensive hospitalization, and it is estimated that a person dies in a train accident every 100 minutes. Some of the factors that contribute to accidents involving trains and motor vehicles include:

  • One out of three train crossings has no warning devices installed.
  • Over 80 percent of train crossings are inadequate and lack lights or gates.
  • Warning times of an oncoming train are too short for drivers and pedestrians to pass over the tracks.
  • 50 percent or higher of the number of railroad accidents happen at crossings that lack warnings or any type of protection.
  • The risk of those in a motor vehicle dying in a collision with a train is 40-percent higher than with other vehicles.

Investigation of a Train Accident

Accidents that involve grade crossings and result in fatal or non-fatal injuries have to be reported to the Federal Railroad Administration. The FRA, along with local police, investigate the accident to determine how it occurred and to place fault. An attorney experienced in handling train accident injuries and fatalities will work with federal investigators and local police to determine how the accident happened and to help an injured person or grieving family obtain the compensation they deserve. 

How an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Helps

Our investigators go to the accident scene right away to gather evidence such as traffic cam footage that may have recorded the incident and faulty or missing warnings at crossings. They will check to see if the engineer was speeding, talking on a cell phone, or drinking at the time, along with other reasons the accident might have happened. Mechanical issues on a train can be checked through maintenance records to see if the braking system was working properly. Once all the evidence is in place, our lawyers take over to build a strong case for personal injury damages. This information is useful either in negotiating on the injured person’s behalf with the insurance company or presenting in a court case.

Sacramento Train Accident Lawyer

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